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The College has a “Rewards Culture” where students of all abilities are

recognised for:

College Milestones/Honours

As student commendations/points accumulate honours certificates are

awarded at levels.







When an Milestone Honour is achieved the student receives a certificate, the parents/carers get a text and the Year Head/Head of Dept is Informed. All commendations are recorded on a central database.

Points are given for 100% and over 95% attendance each term

Points are given after each Progress report based on the number of positive reports received for Behaviour, Academic Progress and if the target level has been exceeded

Premier Cup

Sports Awards

Find out more about epraise


Parents can see their childs’ praise points on line

Every Year there is a Sports awards evening when students receive awards for various aspects of sport.

Other Awards

Tutor groups can win trips out for the day; individuals may be given special prizes or awards and every year each year group has an awards assembly


The top award at the college can be worth up to £100 in cash

Find out more about our online awards system EPRAISE