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Premier Cup

Sports Awards

Every Year there is a Sports awards evening when students receive awards for various aspects of sport.

Other Awards

Tutor groups can win trips out for the day; individuals may be given special prizes or awards and every year each year group has an awards assembly

The top award at the college can be worth up to £100 in cash

Premier Awards

The College has a “Rewards Culture” where students of all abilities are recognised for:

An online awards system is used by staff to give students credit for hard work, attainment, service, good behaviour and attendance: welcome to epraise.

Build up your points to win Honours Awards Milestones

When a teacher awards  point it is the same as them giving students a commendation.

Staff will award you points on our online awards system called epraise. As the points build up you will be able to enter half termly prize draws for £10 cash. You can use points to purchase discount items from the epraise shop, get free Prom tickets, and donate to charity.

Tutor groups who get the most points will be rewarded.

Prizes at the end of year awards assemblies and Premier Awards will use epraise points as a key indicator for who the prize winners should be.

Years 10/11

Students will be able use points to gain a discount on Prom Tickets  

Staff will issue the points on screen during lessons.  

Points are used in the inter tutor group competition.


If a student donates points to charity their value is converted into a cash donation which the College will make

Prize Draws

The students with the most points will be entered for Prize Draws which will take place every half term. Draws will be advertised in advance to give students an aspirational target.

Prizes will normally be valued at approx £20

How do I see how many points I have earned?

Students are able to log on to epraise to see their progress.

Parents who have given the college their email can go to Epraise, click the Parents Tab and register: but you must use the email you have given to College on the data collection form.


Parents will get a report sheet every year showing the points that you have earned and why they were awarded.

Epraise Achievements

When you look at a studen’s profile in Epraise you will see some grey boxes at the bottom of the screen.  

These boxes can be lit up by senior staff including Heads of Subject, Heads of Year and members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) They mark a student’s special achievements of the year. Often a student will also be awarded points with an Achievement.

At the end of the College year a student’s Epraise report will include all the points they have earned, any Accolades  they have been given, the Achievements and Milestones they have been awarded.  

The highest level of Achievement is to become a member of the Penguin Club.  This can only be awarded by the Principal, Mr Alexander.  Members of the Penguin Club are entitled to wear a  badge which is given by the Principal to all new members.

You have been the highest points scorer in College

You have been the highest points scorer in your Tutor Group

You have been the highest points scorer in your Year Group

You have done exceptionally well in your work

You have worked extra hard to achieve something

What the Achievements mean

College Honours Milestones

As student commendations/points accumulate honours certificates are awarded at different levels: Emerald, Ruby, Bronze, Silver, Gold  and


When an Honour is achieved the student receives a certificate, the parents/carers get a letter and the Year Head/Head of Dept is Informed. All commendations are recorded on a central database.

What the Accolades mean

An accolade is a brief statement of praise about a student made by any teacher. An accolade seeks to recognise something special a student has done. Accolades are printed on the annual epraise report to parents

Premier Cup Hall of Fame

Pete Lockwood


Molly Seymour


Joyce Tang


Matthew Jackson


Holly Quilter


Charlotte Colville-Hyde


Michael Le Guillou


Jacqueline Hughes


Ryan Fraser-Roe


Lauren Fawcett


Jonathan Woodcraft


Andy Garner


Ann-Marie Weaver

The Premier awards are the very top awards given to students and include a cash prize.  The ceremony is held in July each year after the end of year awards assemblies held for each year group.

Click to see Premier Awards Winners


About Awards at the College

You have performed as a dancer, actor or musician

You have had your artwork displayed or done well in the creative arts

You have helped at a College event or in College in some way

You have been an exceptional sportsperson

You have helped others either in or out of College

College Epraise Shop

The online epraise shop enables students to purchase items at discount prices as an added bonus for collecting points. HOWEVER: stock is limited and the first students to purchase get the stock.  Points are reset to zero late summer so students are advised that items should be bought from the shop by Summer Half Term latest