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We expect our students to have high standards of behaviour at all times.

In Class.

Students must follow the instructions of the teacher or support staff without question. All students must:

Have a pen, pencil and ruler.

Bring the correct books.

Always do their best.

Ask for help if they don’t understand.

Always have their Homework Diary on their desk.

Enter in an orderly manner.

Raise their hand to answer a question or to speak.

Not disturb others in any way.

Allow others to work without distractions.

Only leave with the permission of the teacher.

Leave in a quiet and orderly way.

Around the College Site

All students will follow the instructions of teaching and other staff without question: failure to do so will result in short term suspension in the first instance.

Students will move about the site responsibly and without disturbing others.

Students will move to their next lesson without delay and line up outside the class.

During breaks and lunch times students will respect each other and the College buildings and grounds.

Litter bins will be used for all rubbish.

Behaviour on Site