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Epraise log in and Passwords

Lost your password..can’t log in:      

click here for help

New Year 7 students receive their password in  early in September

Parents and Carers

Go to epraise and click the Parents tab.  Enter the email which you have registered with the college and then follow on screen directions your child is doing. Contact 01395 255730 (Mr Childs) if you cannot get access



95-99% = 2 points  100% = 4 points

Good attendance means at least one Honours award for the year.

Epraise Shop Items

If you have purchased something from the shop you can collect it at break, lunchtime or after school from the epraise office which is on the first floor of the Grange.  EPRAISE SHOP ITEMS ARE MADE AVAILABLE AS A BONUS

The College has a “Rewards Culture” where students of all abilities are recognised for the following

The points are recorded on our epraise website so that students, tutors and parents can see the progress made by students.  Parents can access the site using the email address they have logged with the College.  Links to the site are on the Parent and Student pages of our website.

College Milestones/Honours

As a student collects points Milestones are reached, these include the following levels: Emerald , Ruby, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum . When a Milestone Honour is achieved the student receives a certificate, the parents/carers get a text and the Year Head/Head of Dept is Informed.

Points are given for 100% and over 95% attendance each term

Points are given after each Progress report based on the number of positive reports received for Behaviour, Academic Progress and if the target level has been achieved or beaten.  

Principal’s Award

The Principal makes awards  as his special recognition of achievement or service.   

Premier Awards

Every Year there is a Premier Awards prize giving and a Sports Awards Evening.  Top students are recorded for posterity on our prize boards in the main hall.

Awards Assemblies

Each year group has a special annual awards assembly where awards for the year are presented

Epraise Shop

The online shop enables students to “buy” prizes with their points. The shop has limited stock and is on a first come, first served basis.  The shop is restocked once only after the Spring Term: it is therefore best for students to try and get the maximum points as quickly as possible.

End of Academic Year

At the end of an academic year an epraise report is issued to parents/carers.  The points are then used to help us decide which students get awards in the end of term awards assemblies and the Premier Awards in July.  All points are reset to zero in July and the cycle has a fresh start for the new year.

Inter Tutor Group League

An inter - tutor group league is run in Key Stage 3.  Each tutor groups epraise points and points for attendance are calculated each week and certificates issued.  At the end of the year one tutor group in each year group will be presented the Year Group Cup


We reward:

Work that is clearly above your expected standard

100% attendance

Positive Progress Reports

Achieving over your target grades

Service to the school, community or charities

Achievement awards

At the end of the year students achieving the most points on the award scheme or who have been specifically nominated are invited to the Premier Awards where prizes and the Premier Cup are presented.  If you reach this ceremony you could win a prize up to £250!!!

Epraise Achievements

When you look at a student’s profile in Epraise you will see some grey boxes at the bottom of the screen.  

These boxes can be lit up by senior staff including Heads of Subject, Heads of Year and members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) They mark a student’s special achievements of the year. Often a student will also be awarded points with an Achievement.

At the end of the College year a student’s Epraise report will include all the points they have earned, any Accolades  they have been given, the Achievements and Milestones they have been awarded.  

The highest level of Achievement is awarded by the Principal, Mr Davis.

You have been the highest points scorer in College

You have helped at a College event or in College in some way

You have been the highest points scorer in your Tutor Group

You have been the highest points scorer in your Year Group

You have done exceptionally well in your work

You have had your artwork displayed or done well in the creative arts

You have been an exceptional sportsperson

You have helped others either in or out of College

You have worked extra hard to achieve something

You have performed as a dancer, actor or musician

Awards: epraise

Epraise log in help

To log on to epraise you need a password and your College network user name. Click the epraise logo or Epraise in the blue icon at the top of the Student page of the website.

On the epraise page enter your user name in the space provided. Enter your password. Click log in.

PASSWORDS: these were issued in Year 7 in September

Forgotten/lost your password?

See Mrs Howell in the main Gipsy Lane Computer suite

OR:-Put your name and tutor group on a slip of paper asking for your password and ask your tutor to send it to the epraise office. We will

send your password back to your tutor.

OR:- You can also visit our office on the first floor of the Grange.