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The Governing Board, is extremely proud of the College. The success of the College over the past ten years as a fully comprehensive school has earned it an excellent reputation both within and beyond the community it serves. The Governors constantly seek to improve and enhance the College for the young people of Exmouth, both now and in the future.

We are all committed to comprehensive education and serving the local community.  In 2011 we took the decision to become an Academy, because we believed that this was the best way to enable us to continue to provide an excellent education for the Exmouth community.

The Governors are all volunteers: we bring a wealth of experience to the College from the fields of education, commerce and public life. This enables us to manage the College effectively, working closely with our carefully appointed senior staff. Governors are elected for four years and are drawn from: parents/carers, teaching and non-teaching staff, who work within the College, as well others from the wider community.

Governors are primarily responsible for:

 Responsibility for the day to day management of the College rests with the Principal and his senior leadership team.

We meet as a Full Governing Board twice each term and we operate through a series of Committees which usually meet twice each term and which report back to the Full Governing Board. Details of the committees and all the current members of the Governing Board are on the College website. (  If you have any concerns or issues, then on a day to day basis it is best, and appropriate, for you to contact the College direct, through the many channels available to you. (see page 3) We always have a presence at Parents’ Evenings at the College, please feel free to discuss the College with us.    

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