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The College believes that homework is an important factor in the educational development of its students. Homework should reinforce what has been taught in lessons, enhance learning and promote good study skills.

Guidelines: shown per week for core subjects.


All students will be set homework tasks which reflect their needs and ability. Students who fail to do homework and/or attend detentions will be placed on Homework Report in accordance with College guidelines. If the Report period is not successful further disciplinary action may be an option. No student should copy and paste from the internet.


Homework will be relevant and include a variety of tasks: written work, research, learning, teaching, presentations, planning etc. Research tasks should be clearly defined with guidance for the student.  Suggested homework tasks will figure in the departmental schemes of work.


Homework should be recorded in the Homework Diary with details of the date set, the date due and details of the task.  The Homework Timetable in the Homework Diary should be completed by all students, through negotiation with their teachers, during the first week of each new term.  Teachers will keep records of homework marks and those students who have failed to do homework or hand it in on time and will take action.

Time and place for Homework

Homework support for Key Stage 3 students is every day except Friday between 3pm and 4pm in Green Close Library.  The ICT Centre on Gipsy Lane is open every day except Friday until 4.30 p.m.  The Key Stage 4 Study Support Centre is open every day between 3pm and 4pm, lunchtimes and morning break.

The student should:

If homework has NOT been completed a student MUST have a note from their parent/carer explaining why homework has not been done.

The Parent / Carer should:

Year 7

Approx. 30 minutes per subject

Year 8

Approx. 40 minutes per subject

Year 9

Between 45 & 60 minutes per subject

Year 10/11

Minimum. 60 minutes per subject

Post 16

Minimum of 60 minutes per subject

Homework Club

is available for KS3 students Monday to Thursday 3-4pm.

It is available for the completion of homework and is not for games.

Usual College rules and expectations apply.  

Students who are not completing homework or who do not comply with the instructions of the staff supervising will be asked to leave the College premises immediately.  Further sanctions may apply.

Homework Guides

will sent to parents at the start of each year

Homework online

Staff will set homework using our online system

Students (and parents) can view the homework set


The Homework Diary must not have any graffiti on the cover or pages

The Homework diary is a vital tool in communication between home and College.  The Homework Diary contains information regarding College rules, uniform, student targets and of course, your son/daughter’s homework.  

Please consult the Homework Diary at least once a week and  check that your son/daughter is recording homework and look for messages from the teaching staff.  Use the diary to communicate with staff.

Homework Guides

The following guides are available. Click to download/read

Year 7 Homework Guide 2017-18.pdf Year 9 Homework Guide - 2017-18.pdf Year 8 Homework Guide - 2017-18 -.pdf Homework

“The more I do my homework the more I understand: the more I understand the better grades I get”

Ensuring that homework
is effective is the shared
responsibility of students,
staff and parents