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Students Taking Photographs

Students may not use any form of technology to take pictures/videos of other students or staff at the College.  

Neither must they upload any such pictures to any social media or other websites.

Parents/Carers taking Pictures at College Events

You should consult the member of staff in charge.  

You should not place any pictures of students/staff taken at such events in the public domain without their specific permission.

Mobile Phones and Other Technology

Having taken Police and legal advice, the following rules have been agreed by the Principal and Governors. PLEASE NOTE All students have access to Year Offices from which emergency calls can be made supervised by, or made by, College staff on a land line.

These rules apply to ALL students

All mobile telephones and other communication/recording devices must be switched OFF and kept in a bag whilst on the College site. This rule is to ensure students do not do the following whilst on site:

Please read what is not allowed at College

Any mobile telephone or other communication/recording/ technology device  which is seen or heard being used anywhere on site (including classrooms) will be confiscated – including the SIM card/Memory Card - initially for 7 days and will be stored in the College safe. Any electronic device containing offensive/pornographic material will be confiscated including the SIM card/memory card and disciplinary action will be taken. If a student repeats the offence then the mobile phone/item and SIM card will be confiscated and retained for 6 months or to the end of the summer term, whichever is the longer.  There is no exception to this rule.

Mobile Phones/Technology