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Your son/daughter will be placed in a Tutor Group in Year 7. Students stay in the same Tutor Group for five years (except in special circumstances). If at all possible the Tutor will stay with the group for at least three years until the end of Year 9. In some cases the Tutor may care for a group from Year 7 to 11. A new Tutor takes over at Post 16.

The Tutor

The Tutor is one of the most important roles fulfilled by teachers at the College. The College places great importance on the care and personal development of all our students. Tutors see his/her Tutor Group every morning for registration and will deal with day-to-day problems including academic oversight. Tutors check Contact Books at least once a week.

Tutors take their group for a period each week in addition to registration time: during these periods the Tutor will deliver the college Personal Development programme. Tutors work in a team which have responsibility for one Year Group. Sex and Drug Education is included in the Personal Development programme to foster knowledge and thus understanding and personal social responsibility.

If you have concerns contact your child’s Tutor in the first instance.

Senior Staff

Green Close Site

Mr G Allen

Mr D Turner

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Ms Miles

Mr Tanner


The Year Head

Each Year Group has a Head of Year and a Pastoral Support Assistant who have responsibility for their Year Group and who work with their Tutors.

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Pastoral Care