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Lost cards A replacement card costs £3. For students on Free School Meals the College will pay this.

What does a student do if they forget their card? If they have money with them they can pay at the till in each canteen which will accept cash.  If they do not have money they need to go to the Key Stage Office where they will be issued with a spare card which will have £2.30 on it.  The following day they will need to bring in £2.30 or if they are Free School Meals we will move their credit from the previous day.   There will be a standard letter for non payment.

Where is the money I put on my card? The money is held in escrow, no one, neither the College or sQuid, have access to the money until it is spent in the canteen.

How can a student check their balance? On the card reader in each canteen.

What if a card is stolen? If a student reports  a card stolen it can be cancelled immediately and the balance transferred to a new card.

How much can a student spend in a day? They can spend up to £4 per transaction.

Problems regarding the sQuid Card?

You must contact sQuid NOT the College:

Log in to sQuid: you must be registered-see below if not registered) Click here for customer log on  

An Introduction to sQuid.

What is the sQuid Cashless Catering System all about?
The College has teamed up with sQuidcard Limited to deliver a cashless catering system.

Students can use their card to pay for things at the school canteen, lost cards can be cancelled and balances transferred to a new card.

Parents can be sure that money is spent at school and students won’t have to worry about carrying cash

Pay quickly and easily for catering, music tuition and trips.

Easy online payments for food and drink at College, trips and music tuition (not uniform)
Once you've registered you can make quick secure online payments for a trips and more for your child.

Paying online removes the need to send cash or cheques into the school.

You can view all your paid transactions online at any time, and you'll always receive an email confirming your purchase.

Registration: Please note

To register you will need your 16 digit sQuid registration number on your sQuid smartcard: it is on the letter sent to you when the card was issued.  

If you do not have this number please contact   

Tel 01395 255600

sQuid: now there is an app to make your payments and card management even easier!

You can now download the new Squid App from the Google Play (Android phones) and Apple App Store (IOS/Apple phones)now.

The App will allow parents/carers to:

Top Up Catering purses

Pay for School Trips & Offers

Access multiple sQuid accounts

Pre-order lunch meals

Contact sQuid customer services

View their online transaction history

We urge all parents to download the app for their phone

The sQuid card is used to pay for items purchased at the catering outlets at College. You do not have to use cash when purchasing food and drink: just present your sQUID card.  The card is issued and then parents/carers register it on line and load it with a chosen value.

What happens if parents/carers do not have the internet to register the card?

The card does not need to be registered to work. The card can be loaded up with  cash  in the College canteen. This will then work the same way as any other card but the parents/carers will not have the benefits of the online portal and the card balance will not be protected if the card is lost.

When can students top up? They are able to top up before school and after school at the main till in each area. For the first week however we will top up at anytime to get the money onto the students' cards.  The parents will not be able to do this.

Who do the students see if they lose a card or have an issue? If students lose cards the Key Stage Offices will be there for assistance.  The Key Stage Offices will report lost or stolen cards to sQuid.  If they contact them before 2pm the new card will be in College the next day.

sQuid Card

Your contact at college regarding sQuid is Hannah Powell. Telephone: 01395 255600