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The College has a support system to encourage students to improve time keeping, effort or behaviour. This  includes a system that requires students to carry a report form to every lesson on which teachers record information to build up a ‘picture’.

Detention is used by subject departments (24 hours notice by email/text will be given).  The support system helps students move forward. Each subject area will invoke sanctions if students fail to complete set work, homework or behave inappropriately.   

The College operates a Time Out room.  Students who disrupt the learning of others are sent to the Time Out room.  The College keep records of the number of times a student is sent to this room.  If a student is sent to the room more than three times within a set period further action is taken and parents are informed. All Time Outs are recorded in a student’s Homework Diary.  

In serious cases a student may attend Internal Exclusion: extracted from lessons but working in College supervised by trained members of staff.  In extreme cases students may be briefly or permanently excluded, but our aim is to support all our students to find ways of achieving their best and developing their social behaviour without disrupting others.  If a student continually disrupts the learning of others and/or is failing to make progress they may be withdrawn from those lessons until our requirements are met.

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