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The College organises many curricular and extra-curricular activities. Details of these are available from the trip organisers or from specific publications in particular consult our Clubs and Activities (Youth) Programme  &  Activities Week Programme.

Consent Form

Parents are asked to update the Data Collection Sheet at the start of each academic year. This acts as a consent form for all activities that take place during the year.

Travel out of Exmouth by vehicle & Adventurous Activities

For visits that have an extra element of adventurous activity we will require a separate consent form to be signed by parents before a student is allowed to leave the site.

Regular Activities or those which take place in Exmouth

Most activities such as sports fixtures, local trips, walks into Phear Park, walks into town etc. may take place on a regular basis. We will inform parents of these trips in the usual way and they are subject to the same planning procedures within College, but we do not require a separate consent form for each visit.

If you have any queries regarding this please contact Mr Allen.

Trips & Visits