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Course Guide 2018


A Level

The new specification includes a wider range of exciting current dance styles. There will be weekly practical workshops and classes to develop your technique, performance and

choreographic skills!

Parts of course

Solo performance, group performance

and group choreography  50%

Written exam  50%

Are you suitable for A Level Dance?

Students should demonstrate a keen interest in dance, show

creativity and be able to perform in a variety of situations, including

solo and group work. Students should also be able to articulate

opinions in written form.

Many A Level Dance students go on to study Dance at various

Universities around the country. A number have gone on to dance

Professionally. Past students have also used their A Level dance

qualification to gain places on a range of undergraduate courses

such as: stage design, costume and prosthetics, physiotherapy,

performing arts, psychology and nutrition.  Some have become independent dance artists.

Entry requirements are a grade B in GCSE Dance and the equivalent in GCSE English. Students who have not studied Dance may still be considered for the course after an interview/audition with the Dance Department.

If you wish to take the one year AS in Dance, please discuss with Mrs Phillips

Contact: Mrs Phillips

The facilities are good – a lovely space with sound system, mirrors and ipod  players”

“The workshops that we do are very helpful”

“I am constantly aware of trips and activities in Dance and they are always helpful and fun”

“The dance department offers many opportunities including trips to London, theatre trips and they bring in professional dancers which builds our knowledge and ability!”

“Teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable.”

“Plenty of feedback to improve both my practical and written work.”

“I love the environment we work in - it is spacious and well resourced.”

“The course offers a wide range of workshops and theatre visits.”