LEVEL 3 Exmouth Community College Course Guide 2018
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A Level

Are you passionate about dance? Do you wish to develop your skills in performance, choreography and appreciation? Do you wish to learn alongside teachers with professional experience and have the opportunity to participate in workshops with professional dance companies? Then this course is for you!

This exciting course develops your dance skills to enable you to become an engaging and technical performer, a creative choreographer and an informed writer about dance.

You will:

Final grades are determined by:

Component 1:

Performance and Choreography  (50% of Total Marks)

  1. Solo performance         
  2. Quartet performance         
  3. Choreography

Component 2:

Critical Engagement    (50% of Total Marks)

2 ½ hour written exam : History of Rambert Dance Company & The Independent Contemporary Dance Scene in Britain 2000 to present day

What qualifications do I need?

Normal College requirements, plus ideally you will need to have gained a 5 grade or above in GCSE Dance. Where necessary, decisions about entry will be based on previous engagement and experience in dance.

The career opportunities are limitless...

Contact: Mrs Phillips, Head of Dance

The facilities are good – a lovely space with sound system, mirrors and ipod  players”

“The workshops that we do are very helpful”

“I am constantly aware of trips and activities in Dance and they are always helpful and fun”