LEVEL 3 Exmouth Community College Course Guide 2018
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Film Studies

A Level

Board: Eduqas

This course is aimed at those with a keen interest in movies and those who want to develop their own practical skills in screen writing or short film production.

This course gives you the opportunity to explore not only how film entertains and engages but also the impact it has on the audience's response and how it reflects the society in which it was made.

By studying a wide range of films from the silent era and "dream factory" of the Hollywood studio era, right through to contemporary offbeat British indie movies and experimental film, you will gain a thorough understanding of the importance, the art and the impact of film-making. The course invites you to channel your inspiration and creativity in developing either a screenplay or a short film as part of the coursework element.

Where it leads/What students say:

Completion of this course provides a great foundation to pursue the film or media in higher education. The theoretical and analytical skills developed are vital for any course of further study and the practical skills gained are valued by employers.

“Film A Level opened my eyes to a lot of films I would never have thought of watching. They’ve inspired my own film ideas”

“I really enjoyed writing a screenplay. I’ve never felt creative before but this has enabled me to express myself confidently”

“By exploring movies in a different way, this course has helped my own ability to make movies and has allowed me to experience cinema from different cultures”

Specific grade requirements

5 C/4 grades including English and Maths, as well as a keen interest in different types of films.


Mr Stanier