LEVEL 3 Exmouth Community College Course Guide 2018
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A Level   

Board: AQA

Over the two year course you will discover the aspects of German-speaking society including the change state of the family, the digital world, youth culture, festivals and traditions, art and architecture and cultural life in Berlin as well as multiculturalism in German-speaking society (immigration, integration, and racism) and aspects of political life in the German-speaking world covering Germany and the EU, politics and youth as well as reunification and its consequences.  You will also study one German text and one German film or a second text.

Assessment is through oral and written examinations, which include listening, reading, translation tasks and essays.

You will:

Where it leads/ what students say

A language is a pre-requisite for lots of university courses so it’s something to consider if you’re thinking about university in the future.  There are 120 million native German speakers worldwide, and it is the second most commonly used scientific language. Not only that, but Germany is our largest trading partner, so being able to communicate in German is a highly valuable skill in our competitive global employment market.  Employers look for candidates with analytical minds, logical thought processes, proven memories, cultural awareness, communication and presentation skills, which are developed through the study of languages.

At university languages can be combined with other subjects and then provide the opportunity to work in many different fields such as engineering, business, leisure and tourism, politics, banking, journalism and international law.

“My German teacher doesn’t just tell me things, but gets me to work things out for myself which stretches and challenges me”

“It gives me confidence when I’m overseas and it has also helped my university application.”

Specific grade requirements:

You will need a minimum of a grade 6 at GCSE in German, enthusiasm, drive and commitment. Good study skills are essential.


Those interested should see Mrs Boswell to discuss their suitability for the course or contact Mrs Gibbon, Head of Languages