LEVEL 3 Exmouth Community College Course Guide 2018
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Media  A Level

A Level

Board: Eduqas

The media plays a significant role in contemporary culture, society and politics as well as having a crucial role in shaping our own live experiences.

Media Studies allow us to examine how media texts are both produced and consumed. It allows us to explore how technology is changing our relationship with the media and ever increasingly putting us, the audience, in the position of producer.

The Eduqas A Level course provides you with the opportunity to not only study a range of media texts and to apply theoretical frameworks but also to develop practical production skills in the form of a coursework element (30%).

Where it leads/What students say:

Studying a wide range of media texts analytically is a great foundation to pursue the subject in higher education. The coursework element will help you develop practical skills valued in the media industry and offer a means of accessing apprenticeships or employment.

“Media Studies has made me think about what I read in the news and what I watch online. I think it’s really important to understand how the media works”

“I learnt how to use Photoshop to produce an advertising campaign for a video game. I’m really proud of my final work and I can explain my skills at my uni interviews.”

What qualifications do I need?

5 C/4 grades including English and Maths, as well as a keen interest in different media forms. You don’t need to have studied Media before to take this course.


Mr Stanier