LEVEL 3 Exmouth Community College Course Guide 2018
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A Level

Board: OCR

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics A-Level is taught by an outstanding department of hard-working and committed teachers.

This course will provide you with an opportunity to ask and consider all of the ‘big questions’ that people often wonder about.

Where does this lead?

Higher Education: All major universities (including Russell Group) offer both Philosophy and Theology/Religious Studies as full degrees.

Philosophy and Theology are two of the oldest, most respected subjects you can study.

Many current writers, teachers, lawyers, politicians studied Philosophy until at least degree level. For example:

In recent years, we have had students go off to study PPE at Oxford and in London and other students studying Philosophy at Birmingham, Exeter, Cardiff and Liverpool.

Entry Requirements

Standard College entry requirements apply. You do not have to have studied the full course GCSE to take this subject.

Contact: Mrs Willcocks

“It is not just learning a new religion like at GCSE, it is about a whole new culture, which is great.”

“A further, fun insight into the wonders of Philosophy.”

“A lively happy class—it is more like a friendship group that you just happen to talk about religion....not Church though!”

Religion, Philosophy & Ethics