Academy Trust

Exmouth Community College

Booklets available from - Wednesday 3rd January

Deadline for choices - Friday 26th January

Allocation letters sent out, via tutors, in early March

During the last week of the school year the normal College timetable will be suspended for Years 7, 8 and 9 for 3 days.

Students and staff will participate in a variety of activities that are not usually available during the normal College day. This is an opportunity to increase the breadth and depth of the education the College offers and also to allow staff and students to work together in less formal situations.

The Activity Week booklet is issued in January but, can also be downloaded here from the start of the Christmas holidays. The booklet lists all the activities on offer, giving a brief description

and approximate cost for each one, as well as indicating whether it is College based, off site

and/or residential.


The information provided by a students parent/carer on the Data Collection sheet (DCS)

completed at the start of the school year is used for all Activity Week trips. Please ensure you

inform the College of any changes in circumstance or medical conditions throughout the year.

To update this information please contact Lisa Riggs on 01395 255741

or email

Students with any questions regarding their activity, choices or allocations,

should see Mrs Stortenbeker during any break or lunchtime (except Wednesday).

The Activity Week Office is next to Room 125,

in the Languages Quad on the Green Close site



Telephone:  01395 255621

Activity Week