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If you wish your child to join the college once the academic year has commenced please contact the appropriate Office after reading the Admission Arrangements document: see link below.

To join Key Stage 3 (Year 7,8 or 9):   Hannah Powell       T: 01395 255600

To join Key Stage 4 ( Year 10 & 11)    Debbie Luff           T: 01395 255679

To join Sixth Form   ( Year 12 & 13)    Lara Perryman      T: 01395 255660

Policies and Admission Arrangements

Admission Policy 2018-19

Admission arrangements for ECC for 2018-19

Admission Policy 2019-20

Admission Policy 2019-20 Sixth Form (Post 16)

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Admission Form

Admissions Information: Appeals

If your application for admission is unsuccessful, you have a statutory right of appeal to an Appeals Panel which is independent of the school. If you have not been sent appeal papers with the decision letter refusing your application for admission, you can request a form from the School Admissions Team. (See contact number below) You then have no less than 20 school days to return the papers, together with any supporting evidence you wish to include. You do not have to wait for this period of time before submission.

The Clerk to the Independent Appeals Panel will give you at least 10 days notice of the date when your appeal will be heard. You will also be told when you should submit any further information you would like to be considered. You will receive evidence on behalf of the school before the appeal hearing.

After appeals are heard, decision letters should be sent within five school days; you will be able to find out the outcome by telephone before then.

For appeals at the normal round of Year 7 admissions , appeals will be heard within 40 school days of the deadline for lodging appeals.  Where the application was not made in time for a decision to be made on 1 March, appeals will be heard within that 40 day period or, if that is not possible, within 30 days of the appeal being lodged.

Appeals for sixth form admission will be heard within 30 school days of confirmation of exam results where the offer of a place was conditional on those exam results. Otherwise, they will be heard within 40 school days of the deadline for lodging appeals .

For in-year admissions in any academic year, appeals must be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged.

For further information on the appeals process, parents can contact the school office or the clerk to governors.

Michaela Savage ,PA to the Governing Board, Exmouth Community College Academy Trust

Direct line 01395 255626