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You can see many of those who have supported our work in some way by the logos displayed on this page.

We work with:

Working with, and for, the community

At Exmouth Community College we are committed to work with and for the local community. We want to forge links which extend the possibilities for our students and to broaden the wealth of qualifications and experiences we can offer.

We believe that “Every Child Counts” and that the community and local business can play a part.

Our aim is to ensure that the young people of the area are better qualified, better informed and better equipped for the world of work and higher education. We invite you to have a role in that work helping us to provide courses and learning opportunities to increase and develop the skills of young people.

Business & Community Liaison

Modern schools have an extensive role to play within the community. No longer are they solely tasked with academic development in the traditional subject areas. A successful Community College will reflect the needs of local people, the business community and work to develop courses and programmes of benefit for all. In turn, the community has much to offer schools: expertise in the workplace, adult maturity to support and encourage students; joint projects for the benefit off all and much more.

Exmouth Community College has a good working relationship with the community and has been involved in projects which broaden the opportunities for students and community alike.

Stakeholders and Partners.  Stakeholders include parents/carers, students, governors and the community: all those who contribute to the ethos and development of the College.

These are examples of working with the College

· Offering Enterprise Learning opportunities to the students at the College

· Sponsor of a team, event, innovation or department within the College.

· Sponsoring/part sponsoring new opportunities for students such as paying for speakers, bursaries, sports kit

· Assisting the College in some way such as providing a free or discounted service

· Offering work placements for Vocational courses and Work Experience week.

· Liaising with the College to explore the possibilities of Enterprise Learning opportunities or involvement in vocational training.

· Will have offered one or more work placements to our students.

· Visit College to talk in class or at an assembly

· Advising staff regarding the development of vocational courses in your area of expertise

· Provide an educational experience

· Provide enterprise learning opportunities at the College

· Sitting on a consultative committee two or three times a year to contribute to College self evaluation process

· Sponsoring small awards for individuals a s part of our awards scheme. This could be a whole college, sports or year group award or one of your choice.

· Inviting a class to visit your business and work premises as part of their curriculum studies.

· Mentoring students for a few hours per year to help and encourage them

(usually 16 – 18 year old students)

· Work with the College to raise money for charity

· Take students in the workplace on work experience

· Support the work of the parent teacher organisation in some way

· Assist in sports training

To find out more, contact Richard Childs

Tel: 01395 255730

Students at Flybe Training Academy

Vinnery Property Design Solutions

Jacobs have worked with students across the age ranges to stimulate an interest in engineering through practical challenges and visiting members of their workforce

Office Furniture Online kindly donated 4x Whiteboard Conditioner to  the College.