Learning for All

Students with Special Needs

Students with special needs/learning difficulties are supported by our learning support specialists in our Learning Support Centre based on our Green Close site. Students are supported in class by a team of Teaching Assistants.

Gifted and Talented students  

Such students are often put in express classes and are challenged, supported and monitored by our Gifted and Talented Coordinator and Heads of Department. Many of the more able students study the Classics (Latin/Greek) with our specialist teacher.  All Gifted and Talented Students are part of our Aspire programme which seeks to prepare these students for top university entrance.

Study Centre

Our Study Centre has been created to support examination students who are falling behind or who find the work difficult: this is staffed with a specialist team who have developed new ways of tracking students and predicting which students will need support, using the wealth of data we keep.

Literacy and Numeracy Boost

We provide literacy boost sessions for Year 7 students who are working at level 3. There are reading programmes in place to develop good readers and to assist those who find it difficult. There are Numeracy Boosting classes for Year 7 students working with our staff and their parents. These sessions take place at the start of the day and students are selected based on Key Stage 2 data  and feedback from primary colleagues. There is one to one support for targeted students in Year 7.

Discovery Stream

We provide a tailored course for those who would benefit from a modified curriculum to support the development of literacy.


All students are set a target grade for all of their subjects. Their progress against these targets is constantly monitored and intervention takes place when students fall behind. All year groups have annual examinations as well as the normal regular testing.

We provide a range of classes for students in holiday periods as well as numerous twilight subject support/extension classes for Key Stage 4 examination students.

We expect students invited to these classes to attend and anticipate the full support of parents/carers.

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