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Information for public examination candidates:

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Public examinations summer 2018

Internal Examinations


Examinations Policies

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Addendum Internal Appeals Policy 1718.pdf Appendix A Exam contingency plan 17-18.pdf Appendix B Internal appeals procedures 17-18.pdf Appendix D Complaints and appeals procedure _exams_ 17-18.pdf Appendix H Controlled Assessment Policy 1718.pdf Appendix I Non-examination Assessment Policy 1718.pdf Appendix J Access to Scripts, Enquiries abour Results and Appeals Policy 1718.pdf Appendix K Procedure for Identifying Candidates in Exams 17-18.pdf Appendix L Candidate Absence Policy _exams _ 17-18.pdf Appendix M Late Arrivals Policy _Exams_ 17-18.pdf Appendix N  Emergency Evacuation Policy _Exams_ 17-18.pdf Appendix O Special Consideration Policy.pdf Appendix P Exams Archiving Policy 2017-18.pdf Exams policy.pdf

Appendix C Disability Policy:examinations

Appendix E  Access Arrangements Policy

Appendix F Word Processor Policy  

 A Level Results

Aug. 16 2018

8am Telfer Building

GCSE Results

Aug. 23 2018

9am Telfer Building

Results Day Guidance

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