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Examination Results 2017

GCSE Results -  “What a Great Year Group!”

Pictured above: some of the highest achievers of the Year Group

A week on from celebrating the Post 16 results, students and staff are again celebrating at Exmouth Community College following the GCSE results.

Students have achieved 59% A* - C including English and Maths. This is one of the best set of results the College has achieved in recent years.  The College is particularly pleased with these results which are underpinned once again by excellent work in English and Maths where 80% of students have made expected progress in their time at the College.

Andy Bown, Head of Year 11 said, “I would like to congratulate and thank the students for all their effort and hard work during their GCSE courses.  The results reflect the year group’s outstanding work ethic and dedication to their studies.  The combination of excellent teaching, continued support from parents/carers and the determination to succeed by students has resulted in so many of them being able to access their first choice at Post 16.  I wish the students every success in the next chapter of their education.”

Henri Miles, Assistant Principal Key Stage 4 said, “These results are very well deserved by the students who had an exemplary approach to their courses.  I am particularly pleased to see how well students have progressed during their first five years at the College.  We still allow students a free choice of option subjects at GCSE and their motivation in subjects they have chosen pays off in results like these”.

Notable achievements include:

Tom Burrows 8 A*s 3 As                  Cameron Jackson 5 A*s 5 As

Ada Taggart 5A*s 5As                     Jacob Congreve 4 A*s 4 As

Phoebe Mitchell 4A*s 6As                Molly Seymour 3A*s 6As

Jacob Dunn 3A*s 6 As                     Danielle Gibson 3A*s 5As

Leo Jerome Dawkins 3A*s 4As        Jack Parsons 2 A*s 8As

Rosie Bird 2 A*s 6 As                       Megan Ruffle 7As

Tony Alexander,Principal, said,

“I am delighted with this year’s GCSE results which are amongst the highest we have achieved.  It is a well deserved reward for a year group that were very industrious and who attended all the extra revision classes, Saturday mornings and during school holidays throughout the year.  This year the Government introduced a new target for measuring students’ progress and we have comfortably exceeded that which is very heartening.  Students and staff have really worked hard to achieve these excellent results, I am very proud of all of them and would like to congratulate and thank them.”

Chair of Governors, Jill Elson, said,

“Congratulations to all our students for their achievements after all their hard work.  Thanks to all the staff for their help and support to all students. Parents are very important to all students for giving them their support and encouragement“.

A Level results: improved life chances for students!

A2 results have sustained high levels of success:

13.5% of students achieved A* to A grades.

68.3% of students achieved A*to C grades.

98% of students passed all their examinations (A*-E).

AS results – provide an excellent foundation for future success:

54% of students achieved A–C grades.

85% of students achieved A–E grades, passing all their examinations.

Vocational and BTEC results have shown a massive improvement: a main aim of the year and a tribute to the efforts of all involved.

Extended project grades are outstanding for the third year in a row.

This year’s A Level and AS Level results were most pleasing. At A level 68% of students were successful in gaining A*-C grades and 98% achieved A–E grades. Many of the courses were following a new syllabus and marking boundaries have been tightened considerably meaning our results were extremely positive.

Similarly the AS examinations were particularly pleasing, especially as many of them were subject to new syllabus and more rigorous marking. 54% achieved A–C grades and 90% gained A–E grades.

Mr Alexander said that he was delighted that the hard work and ability of the students had reaped such positive rewards. He praised the dedication of his staff for their sheer professionalism and commitment to every student.

A Level

The A level results remained strong despite changes making it more difficult to achieve an A* or A.  Matthew Jackson, Ben Kay, Angela Roxas, and Victoria Upton all achieved straight A* and A grades. Across the range students excelled, and the overall pass rate remained very high at 98%.

AS Level

Notable achievements are Sarah Atkins, who achieved 5 A grades, Beth Freer, Bradley Johnston, Tarquin Kerton-Johnson, and Joyce Tang achieved at least three A grades each.

Simon Tanner, Assistant Principal and Head of Post 16 said, “I am delighted!  This has been richly deserved by students and staff. The Year group was delightful and the students worked hard all year. We work hard to achieve significant improvement with all our students, and this is the reward for our commitment: improved life chances for all our students.”

Year 11 2016 GCSE Results

 61% of Students gained 5(+) A*-C grades

59% of Students gained 5(+) A*-C grades inc. English & Maths



Progress   8 Score


Attainment   8 Score


Pupils achieving A*-C in Eng & Maths


Pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate


College Performance Tables


Examination Results 2016

A level results continue to improve on last year. We have achieved our best ever results in all major areas. Students and staff have achieved a fantastic 99% pass rate and an amazing 19% A* to A grades, with 72% of all grades being A-C.

19% of students achieved A* to A grades.

72% of students achieved A*- C grades.

99% of students passed all their examinations (A*-E).

The A level results improved yet again, with significant improvements at the highest levels, despite new courses making it more of a challenge for both students and staff.  We are extremely proud of the achievements of all our students. Six students achieved exclusively A* or A grades, and many students achieved the highest A* grade.  Across the range students excelled according to their enthusiasms and abilities, and the overall pass rate climbed once more to 99%.

Vocational and BTEC results

Vocational and BTEC results have again shown a massive improvement: a tribute to the efforts of all involved. The average grade achieved by our Applied course students was a low Distinction, while the average grade achieved by our Technical level students was a Distinction Star. This is highly pleasing for a college totally committed to comprehensive education.

Simon Tanner, Assistant Principal and Head of Post 16 said:

I am delighted!  This has been richly deserved by students and staff who worked incredibly hard all year.  The most up to date Government figures show we achieve significant improvement with all our students, but we never get complacent, and the end result is improved life chances for all our students, whatever their ability.”

College Principal Tony Alexander said:

“The best ever set of A Level results recorded at the College speaks for itself.  I am delighted for all the students and particularly pleased with the figures of 19% gaining A* and A grades which is outstanding.   The hard work, dedication and commitment of students and staff have reaped great dividends.  I am thrilled that we have achieved this landmark in my final year before retirement.”

On behalf of the Governing Board at Exmouth Community College, Chair of Governors Jill Elson said:

“We have an excellent team of staff under the leadership of Tony Alexander.  The students have achieved excellent results by hard work and taking opportunities open to them to help them achieve these results.  Thanks are due to the support of parents to their children and to the college.  Well done everyone.”

Mr Tanner, Assistant Principal (Post 16) congratulates happy students

Best Ever A Level Results

The students have worked hard to achieve results like these. They have had to work to more challenging courses in English and Maths and we are delighted to see that their performance in these qualifications is still excellent.  

The teaching staff have continued to provide students with the highest quality teaching and examination preparation despite not having a great deal of information upon which to base their work. It was very impressive to see so many students achieve the new highest level of a 9.

Henrietta Miles, Assistant principal KS 4 said:

"I am so pleased that these results will allow students to access the courses they have planned for the next academic year.  It is very important to the Key Stage 4 Team that all students are supported so that they can achieve their best and these results show that many students did just that."

Ben Findel-Hawkins, Head of Year 11, said:

" Students are under so much pressure to achieve with these new qualifications it was very important that we remained positive for the students so that they could work hard on their preparation for the exams.  The students found the new courses challenging but their determination to succeed has shone through with so many students doing extremely well."

Principal, Mr Alexander, said,

" I am really proud of these results which reflect the hard work of the students and the dedication and commitment of the staff.  These new courses were demanding and the hours of extra work put in on Saturdays and during holiday periods are a tribute to students and staff alike.   Results at both GCSE and A Level have been highly pleasing and an excellent prelude to my retirement.  I wish all the students the best of fortune."

Year 11 2017 GCSE Results


Five standard passes including English and Maths: 59%

Standard pass in Maths and English: 64%

Attainment 8 Average:  44.35

College Performance Tables: DfE