Joseph Mellor 

Richard Hannay

Beatrice Savill 

Pamela/  Annabella

Ezre Holland 

Mrs McGarrigle/  Heavy 1/ Clown

Tom Baker 

Mr McGarrigle/  McQuarrie/ Heavy 2/ Radio Announcer/ Clown

Max Damsell 

Professor  Jordan/ Sheriff/ Dunwoody/ Clown

Josh Cambridge 

Compere 1/   Milkman/ Pilot 1/ Clown

Louis Thorn 

Compere 2/  Pilot 2/ Mrs Jordan/ Clown

Josh Cressall 

Mr Memory/  Salesman 2/ Policeman/ Porter/ Paperboy/ Clown/

Cameron Woolsey 

Crofter/ Salesman 1/ Policeman/ Porter/ Paperboy/ Inspector/ Announcer/ Albright/  Clown 

Lucy Kidd 

Margaret/ Mrs   Higgins/ Clown


The fantastic cast below delivered a brilliant night’s entertainment.  The classic John Buchan play, which has also been adapted for film, has all the elements of a good night at the theatre.  Drama, excitement and, of course, humour. The production was possible because of the commitment of the Drama Dept. And all the students and staff involved. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Tech Team

Tech Manager: Sam Worthy

Senior Technician: Sam Kelly

Connor Harris

Dave Zrolko

Santiago Frew

Glen Weir

Jake Ford

Harry Germon

Tom Shipton

The Band

Piano: Paul Stock

Lead Guitar: Dave Hardman

Bass Guitar: Neil Rigler

Violin: Sue Stock

Props etc

Bob Hunter

Andrew Teed

Directed and Produced by

Jez Turner and Roxy Merry