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This year we are celebrating the 5th year of our exchange with the Albrecht Ernst Gymnasium in Oettingen, Bavaria. The students arrived in Exmouth after a long journey on Saturday afternoon. The eleven students are accompanied by two of their teachers; Herr Huettinger and Frau Tietze and are staying with the families of some of our students. The remaining time at the weekend was spent with the families and they were able to make the most of the glorious weather with some going to the beach and others slightly further afield exploring our beautiful region.

Monday was about discovering what it is like to be a student at Exmouth Community College before heading into Exmouth to delve into a little of its history and to explore our town and what it has to offer. They were welcomed by Mr Alexander during the course of the morning as well as being given a guided tour of the college by Year 8 German Club. Some year 10 students showed Frau Tietze around the school, as this is her first visit to Exmouth. The German students were also able to sample lessons in a variety of subjects with their partners, or with other students who kindly agreed to stand in where this was necessary.

On Tuesday the German students visited Living Coasts in Torquay. As Oettingen is a long way from the sea, coming here is always an exciting experience. Wednesday saw the German h visits to Widecombe in the Moor, Buckfast Abbey and the House of Marbles before returning to college.

German Exchange 2017:

Five Successful Years

Here the Year 11 German class had prepared the room for our birthday celebration with cake and drinks. This was a great event with students from Exmouth who have participated in the exchange over the 5 years. Every year of the exchange was represented and the cake was cut by Jodie Pearce from Year 12 (as she took part in very first exchange) and Lina Roters, (who was able to join the exchange this year only when a student from Exmouth unexpectedly asked to be allowed to take part, and so is the most recent addition to our exchange). Students chatted to each other and we took photos to mark the occasion.

The Year 10 twilight German class were able to benefit from our visitors in their lesson and used the opportunity to practise speaking and translation skills. On Thursday, the last day of the exchange visit to Exmouth, the German students visited Exeter with the opportunity to learn something about the city with a red coat guided tour and to finish any last minute shopping before returning to Germany on Friday.

Over the five years, the exchange has been very successful and a number of Exmouth students have returned to visit their partners in Oettingen privately. Many more still have contact with their partners and later this year we will be welcoming a student from Oettingen who took part in the exchange last year to the college for 5 weeks.

I would very much like to thank all the students, families and staff who have contributed to the success of the exchange here in Exmouth and hope that we will be able to welcome visitors from Oettingen again next year.

Julia Boswell

On Monday 27 March      Mr Alexander welcomed German exchange students and staff to the College. They enjoyed discovering the area and the college whilst staying in Devon.