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Year 8 Students on French Trip  Visit

Château de la Baudonnière

n the 29th April, twenty nine excited Year 8 students set off for the Château de la Baudonnière in Normandy, France. The journey was smooth and the time soon passed however on arrival in France the heavens opened. Fortunately, that did not deter our students and they quickly settled into life at the Château.

Taking part in various activities; fencing, climbing, archery, bread making, orienteering and treasure hunts, all in French, did not faze anyone and their understanding of the language was phenomenal. The ‘Talent show’ is always a great experience and we were proud that Kirsty Robinson won a certificate for playing a song by Adele on the piano that soon had the audience singing along.

Two days were spent off site exploring. The first trip we went on was to Arromanches and the 360◦ cinema where we watched an amazing film about the Second World War; this was followed with a trip to the American cemetery and then back to Omaha beach. The second off-site visit was to the market in Dinan, the town twinned with Exmouth, and then a historical tour of Mont St. Michel.

As always, it was sad to leave the Château but it’s never goodbye, just “see you next year.”

I would like to thank the staff that accompanied me on the trip and to the students who were brilliant and received many compliments for their conduct, participation and manner whilst we were away.