Year 7 Students Investigate Sustainable Transport

An enthusiastic and industrious group of Gifted and Able Year 7 students had the opportunity to work with Sustrans and the Geography department this week. Sustrans are a charity that promotes green, sustainable travel within communities and, over three sessions, the Year 7 students worked with Sustrans staff to learn more about how better transport methods might be encouraged. They viewed streets from various locations to assess the strengths and weaknesses of those places in terms of whether people would feel happy and safe to use those streets. In the following session, the streets around the Green Close site were visited and assessed and, in the final session, the students had the chance to explain their findings to a Sustrans engineer and to propose their own solutions for improving the "feel" of the streets in our area.

Sustrans kept the designs and will share them with Devon County Council and, who knows - maybe some of their ideas might become colourful reality somewhere near you soon?

From Rachel Manning, Sustrans
“I just wanted to say what a great time I had in Exmouth College this week. The students in the group were brilliant and engaged the whole time coming up with some excellent points. After we left yesterday Patrick also said what a great group they had been and how much he enjoyed the session. A testament to your school!”