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“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  George Santayana

Exploring Berlin and Confronting the Past

Sixty Exmouth Community College students recently seized the opportunity to explore the city of Berlin and its surroundings.

From having their photograph taken outside Brandenburg Gate, to seeing how Olympians of the past trained and participated in the 1936 Olympics, students immersed themselves in the culture and political nature of the remnants of the Weimar, Nazi and Cold War era.

Our students were able to apply the images learnt in the classroom of the terror and repression that was often meted out by the rulers under these regimes by being a witness at the concentration camp of Sachsenhausen and at the Museum of the Topography of Terror.

Speaking to the students at the conclusion of the trip they understood the importance of visiting historic places in Berlin to act as a voice for the future in order that we are not condemned to repeat our past.