Fantastic Music!

A Great Concert!

The annual Rotary and College Music Concert was held on Tuesday 14 November and featured the talents of our young musicians and singers who were joined by students from the Mill Water School.  The concert was the thirteenth concert organised to raise money for both the college music department and local and national charities. There were some outstanding performances to please the large audience who enjoyed a real cross section of musical genres. One always leaves this concert amazed by the musical and performance skills of the young people involved.  Finally, we should give a word of thanks to the two student compares for the evening who did a fine job.

Programme for the Evening  

Mill Water School:  Directed by Mr S Winward

SHOUT! Directed by Mrs K Lees  

Piano Solo: Max Damsell

Folk Group Directed by Mrs S Stock

Houseband Directed by Mr N Rigler

Showstoppers Directed by Mrs K Lees

Student Band Led by Marcus Carson

SING with Guitar Group

Directed by Mrs K Lees and Mr D Hardman

Year 12 BTEC Group  

Vocal Solo  Catriona Brownbill

Junior Band  Directed by Mr P Stock

Cantare Directed by Mrs K Lees

Senior Band Directed by Mr S Grant

Finale Directed by Mr P Stock