Academy Trust A Message From Mr AJ Davis

I am delighted to be returning to Exmouth Community College as Principal from September 2017. From my previous time as Deputy Principal, ten or so years ago, I know the students are absolutely fantastic and this was a major factor in my decision to apply for the position of Principal.

Having worked with Tony Alexander previously I am aware he will be a very difficult act to follow, however, I will continue to focus on many of the strong foundations that have been laid by Mr Alexander and his team and aim to build on this legacy. These building blocks include ensuring that Exmouth Community College remains at the heart of the community, that students access exceptional enrichment opportunities and we make the most of our business links to develop employability skills for students across all Key Stages. In addition, I know that Mr Alexander and I share the same values regarding student behaviour, respect for each other, having high expectations and will not tolerate any student disturbing the learning of others. Therefore, I will look to ensure that a safe, respectful and happy learning environment is maintained for the benefit of all students.

In my previous two Headships, since leaving Exmouth in 2006, I have focussed much of my time and energy on improving teaching and learning to ensure that lessons are consistently outstanding and result in every student getting the best possible teaching in every lesson, every day. In order to underpin this, I will be working with staff to ensure there are effective structures in place to make sure any child who falls behind also gets the best support possible to enable them to get back on track. My appointment also provides an opportunity for all internal stakeholders to review our curriculum, assessment and professional development of staff to ensure that we have a shared view on what Exmouth Community College is aiming to achieve for the students in our care. As we move through this process we will also be seeking the views of students, parents, carers and the wider community on our plans.

One important aspect of this plan will be to work towards making Exmouth Community College a leading school in the South West, both in terms of teaching and outcomes for students. A key element of this will be maintaining, and then further developing, the excellent links that currently exist between the College and our partner primary schools. By working together across the primary and secondary phase we can continue to provide a consistent curriculum and assessment scheme which means that transition for students is effective and seamless.

I am enormously grateful to the Governors of Exmouth Community College for this opportunity and would once again like to thank Mr Alexander for all his work in making Exmouth the school it is today. I am immensely excited to be joining the College and begin working on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. I look forward to meeting you in due course and working with your children in September.

Andrew Davis

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