Exmouth Community College Academy Trust x Home “The show was stunning!!”

For three nights students studying Dance at the College presented their examination pieces as the annual BLEND Dance show.  Once again the evening was filled with dances which stirred the emotions, made you chuckle and brought joy to the audience. The dancers gave everything to the show which was enhanced by simple set, superb lighting and soundtracks specially prepared for the dances.

Mrs Amy Phillips, College Dance Co-Ordinator said, ”It takes many hours of rehearsals to choreograph and rehearse just a few minutes of dance. Months of planning, rehearsing during lessons, after school and at weekends has led to this wonderful show.

It is inspiring as a teacher to see the value these students place on creating a work of art that enables them to express their ideas. Seeing how they work together, discuss, organise their time and take on board feedback in order to develop their dances has been a joy to see.

Every student has had their struggles in getting to this point, but the way they have approached these challenges in a positive and proactive way will equip them with the skills to make a success of anything they put their minds to in the future.”

The Technology Dept created some of the props for the show and numerous staff gave up their time to make it possible. Daniel Phillips should be congratulated for his sound editing and  voice over work: superb. Sam Worthy was the technical guru for the show and must take much credit for its visual impact, the lighting complementing the dances brilliantly. Sam Kelly and Santiago Frew made up the rest of what was a highly competent tech team.

But the stars were, of course, the dancers listed below.


Cast of Dancers

Year 10 GCSE

Holly Bown

Ellie-Mae Brunt

Chloe Brunet

Anya Corlett

Anneliese Davies

Elena Fitera

Toby Hill

Esme Jordan

Rosie Lambert

Joshua Lees

Jasmine Lloyd

Lauren May

Hana Mills

Matthew Pile-Rowland

Kayleigh Rowe

Zoe Spencer

Lauren Sprigmore

Grace Thomas

Ellie Tigwell

Cody Tyrrell

Sophie Ward

Year 11 GCSE

Sophy Child

Beth Chivers

Lauren Clarke

Isobel Dodd

Megan Ebbrell

Milo Godwin-Coombs

Kerrie Hancock

Hannah Jones

Sam Lee

Luella Lewis

Megan Parkhouse

Tia Purchell

Ellis Seager

Sophie Spiller

Milly Tidmarsh-Watts

Katie Waterson

Georgia Way

Lily Webber

Post 16 Dancers

Milly Watson

Jack Woodthorpe

Cameron Woolsey

Paige Young

Matilda Cretney

Hattie Musgrove

Chloe Walker

Caitlin Walsh

Sabrina Welch

Chloe Lomax

Guest Performers

Josh Cambridge

Sophie Rowcliffe

Phoebe Hartley-Norton

Rosie Cherry

Annie McAlister

Chloe Fell

Rosie Phillips

Eloise Escott

Hannah Saunders