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Most Able, Gifted and Talented
“All of us do not have equal talent but all of us should
have an equal opportunity to develop our talent”
J.F. Kennedy

At Exmouth Community College our central ethos is encapsulated in “Achievement for All”  This means that our most able students are encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential.

The work to enable these students to achieve their full potential begins with identifying those young people who are highly able, gifted and or talented.  We then provide opportunities for extended learning and enrichment.  We use intervention and mentoring if under achievement is identified.  ( Please contact Mr Williamson at the college for more details)

All of the college staff take their responsibility for supporting highly able, gifted and talented students very seriously. However, of equal importance is the support and development which students receive at home.

The following links will provide parents and carers with information and ideas to develop a child’s talents and enthusiasm outside of college.

This organisation runs events and seminars. Nace has literature to advise teachers and parents regarding the support of able young people.

Encourage your child to read the latest news on science and technology, culture and current affairs.  Refer also to BBC Bite size

Students or parents can sign up to this for free and it is excellent for challenging Highly able students.

A great free source of inspiration.

Students Count The True Cost Of War

A team of Most Able Year 9 students are currently engaged in a fascinating historical journey to research the stories and sacrifices made by Exmouth men during the First World War.

The project has been developed in order to produce a book of remembrance that supports the recently opened memorial garden on the Gipsy Lane site of the College. The project, which is led by Miss Ayres of the English Department, has unearthed heart wrenching tales such as that of Private Louis Snow who was killed on the Macedonian front, a largely forgotten campaign. Or John Yeo and John Lewis Yeo who were a father and son serving on the same ship when it was torpedoed.

Following an extensive period of research the students are now planning to develop written pieces and art work that will bring these stories to life. The resulting work will be collected into a publication available to the whole of the Exmouth community: it should serve as a lasting tribute to the sacrifices made by these individuals.

The students involved are: Katie Andrews, Theo Burne, Beth Chivers, Thomas Croal, Serena Dyke, Jasmine Simpson-Currie, Meghan Evans, Tegan Ferguson, Zacch Lines, Joe Wibberly, Charlie Levi, Abigail Hoppins, and Oscar Al-Mashoor


Cambridge Step Maths run courses for the brightest students, who want to study Maths and related subjects at university. Our courses expose them to challenging problems and show them how to think about each problem from a different angle, to solve it much more easily! Students will learn new theory and be shown how to apply it in a variety of contexts. Our courses are very interactive and a must for anyone who is hoping to study Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science or Natural Sciences at a top university.

Cambridge STEP Maths Preparation Courses

Klive enrichment courses are designed for able and gifted students.  Kilve Court enrichment courses are residential courses run by an external organisation, and ECC has nothing to do with the organisation or delivery of them.  Parents are directed to the Kilvecourt website if they need more information or wish to book courses.

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I’m A Scientist-

Get Me Out Of Here!

Can you name alien life if you find it? Do you like explosions? Do you have time for a social life?  These are just some of the questions that students from across the country are asking scientists this week as part of “I’m a Scientist, get me out of here”.  

This free online event allows school students to talk to real scientists about the reality of their careers and studies.  A-Level Chemistry students from Exmouth Community College, supervised by Mr Williamson, will be taking part in a live web chat on Friday 13th November with some of the Scientists using spectroscopy in their work.  

The participants range from a forensic scientist researching new explosive detection techniques, an astrochemist searching for Alien Life, and a Cancer specialist researching new cures.  At the end of the competition students will vote for their favourite Scientist, who will win £500 towards publicising their work to the public.  

Use the links below to see information about all of the Scientists involved

Michael Kyriakides

Maire Gorman

Jesus Calvo-Castro

Baljit Ghatora

Arlene McBroom

College Chemists: Top of the Bench

On Friday 11 December a team of Key Stage 3 and 4 Most Able students entered the Royal Society of Chemistry “Top of the Bench” competition at The University of Exeter’s Biochemistry department. Facing stiff competition from teams selected from across the South West the budding scientists undertook a number of practical laboratory tasks, including identifying unknown chemicals using standard chemical tests. By the end of these tasks the college team- Zacch Lines and Emily Davies from Year 9, Greg Candy from Year 10 and Molly Seymour from Year 11 - were in a three way tie for first place.

The closest of chemistry theory tests then took place in which our team found themselves in third place overall, just three points below the leaders. Mr Williamson and Miss Penzer were thrilled with the students’ enthusiasm and ability and were even more pleased with the best ever result for the college in this most difficult of competitions



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These are photos from textiles club run by Emma Williams in Technology for Year 8 Most Able students.  Students had to design and make their own tie dye fashion.

Textiles Tie Dye Fashion!





Holly Penzer



Sarah Souter



Matt Wagner



Julie Munday



Julia Boswell



Kelly Reid



Lucy Ayres



Sally Wright



David Hardman



Chris Mooney



Martin Miller


Media and B.TEC

John Panton



Louisa Jubb



Laura Hodgkinson

Laura Hodgkinson@exmouth


Lisa Lowe



Gary Bowen


Above students taking part in the Top of the Bench Chemistry competition run by the Royal Society of Chemistry for Y9, 10 and 11 students. We enter it each year.

Science Competition

Year 7 Stretch and Challenge-Crime Scene Investigation

An annual workshop that uses the Science of forensics to solve a crime, and introduce students to careers.

The UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) is a registered charity whose aim is to advance the education of children and young people in mathematics. The UKMT organises national mathematics competitions and other mathematical enrichment activities for 11-18 year old UK school pupils.  Reports of our involvement will be shown on the Home and Recent News pages

Maths Challenge

The UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) is a registered charity whose aim is to advance the education of children and young people in mathematics. The UKMT organises national mathematics competitions and other mathematical enrichment activities for 11-18 year old UK school pupils.

On Wednesday 16 November Exmouth Community College hosted one of the national regional finals. A total of 20 schools in the region came to Exmouth to compete for the regional title which would qualify them for the next round, which is the National Final, held in London. Each school entered a team of 4 made up of students from years 12 and 13. There were 3 different rounds: the group challenge, head-to-head contest, and the cross-number.

The final results were:

1st Exeter Mathematics School

2nd Torquay Boys Grammar

3rd West Buckland

The team from Exmouth Community College achieved very commendable 10th place and were a credit to the College.

It was a very enjoyable day for all the students participating and a joy for their Mathematics teachers to see them so enthused.

UK Maths Trust: Senior Team Challenge Regional Final 2016

Read about Gifted and Talented students in this edition of the College magazine

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Year 7 Students Investigate Sustainable Transport

An enthusiastic and industrious group of Gifted and Able Year 7 students had the opportunity to work with Sustrans and the Geography department this week. Sustrans are a charity that promotes green, sustainable travel within communities and, over three sessions, the Year 7 students worked with Sustrans staff to learn more about how better transport methods might be encouraged. They viewed streets from various locations to assess the strengths and weaknesses of those places in terms of whether people would feel happy and safe to use those streets. In the following session, the streets around the Green Close site were visited and assessed and, in the final session, the students had the chance to explain their findings to a Sustrans engineer and to propose their own solutions for improving the "feel" of the streets in our area.

Sustrans kept the designs and will share them with Devon County Council and, who knows - maybe some of their ideas might become colourful reality somewhere near you soon?

From Rachel Manning, Sustrans
“I just wanted to say what a great time I had in Exmouth College this week. The students in the group were brilliant and engaged the whole time coming up with some excellent points. After we left yesterday Patrick also said what a great group they had been and how much he enjoyed the session. A testament to your school!”


On March 3, a group of Year 9 & 10 scientists attended a live science show for students at the Colston Hall, in Bristol. This event featured five of Britain’s top scientists and hints and tips about the GCSE science exams.  We were able to meet and listen to the scientists who each gave a different presentation about a different area of science. We heard talks from Professor Mark Miodownik, Professor Lucie Green, Professor Robert Winston, Professor Alice Roberts, and Dr. Simon Singh.

The topics covered were: materials technology, specifically about self-healing materials; solar wind which led onto finding life on Mars; fertility and IVF treatment; evolution and working with genes; - and the Big Bang.

Students Enjoy Lectures

by Britain’s Top Scientists

Some of the staff were very pleased to meet  Prof. Robert Winston

The event gave us an excellent opportunity to discover and learn about complex topics ,which may not be covered in the curriculum, presented by experts.  Professor Robert Winston, who studies fertility in humans and IVF treatment, had a great sense of humour as he presented his lecture. In between the lectures there were sessions where a GCSE examiner talked about how to answer exam questions properly and accurately. The examiner also demonstrated common mistakes. Although it was a long coach trip it was well worth it to be able to hear the presentations; absolutely amazing. Lukasz Gmyrek, Year 9.

Young Engineers for Britain

Post 16 students Jamie Dawson and Philo Waddell may seem like a normal couple of  lads but in fact they are very special young men with a fantastic future ahead of them.

Last year the boys reached the regional finals of the National Science and Engineering Competition.

Jamie, a real craftsman and designer in the making, presented a wonderful and original hammock  which won the award for Best use of Technology.  Philo, a natural engineer, built a Music Visualiser which won him the prize for Engineering Excellence.Because of their success at the regional event Jamie and Philo were invited to take part in the Young Engineer for Britain.  This is a National Event to which only fifteen students were  invited and two came from the College.  They subsequently prepared for the event and designed their submissions.  Jamie designed and crafted a Learning Hub  to engage and help the learning of autistic children.  Philo, inspired by the Boris Bike, designed an electric bike for London.  Their recent trip to the event at the NEC proved very successful.  Both met and had lunch with Prince Andrew: Jamie sat next to the Prince and was impressed with his down to earth approach and appreciation of what they had achieved.

More Success on a National Scale

The two modest engineers came home from the Young Engineer for Britain event  with more awards.Jamie bagged the Craftmanship Prize and £250. Philo won the prize for Engineering Excellence and £500.  Because of their success and obvious potential The Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers have offered them apprenticeships: this mean that they will provide a professional mentor for the boys and a bursary of £500 per year for the next three years of their education.

Jamie has decided to pursue his craft and design skills through an apprenticeship keenly offered by the Touch Design Group in Exeter.  Philo  will spend a year working at local engineering firm, and college partner, AnTech, before moving on to higher education.

Two very modest and very impressive young men.  Inspirational.

Parents of Most Able students can download a guide produced by the independent education organisation NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education). It provides insight into how schools provide for Most Able students and guides parents as to the part they can play in developing their children's skills and talents.

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