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Key Stage 3: Mr Turner’s Inspiration Page
Get yourself on the page and be an 
inspiration to others...
and you may get an award too!

Your First Inspiration Award will be an Inspiration badge, accolade, image on the gallery and epraise points.

Your Second Inspiration Award will be a Key Stage 3 Badge, accolade, image on the gallery and epraise points.

Epraise Medal Winners

Summer Term 2017

Mr Turner, Deputy Principal, wants to celebrate your success. He has an inspiration board in his office: can you get on the board!?  If you get on the board you will also be on this page, which is Mr Turner’s Inspiration!

All students achieving 100 points will receive the college medal as this is a major achievement.  Listed below are those students who have currently achieved 100 points.  Images are of Deputy Principal. Mr Turner, presenting the medals.

Lily Allen 8 08LP  

 William Henderson 8 08LP  

 Holly Hales 8 08MSP  

 Daisy Robinson 8 08MJM  

 Leonie Burton 9 09SAS  

 Poppy Sawyer 9 09SAS  

 Catriona Brownbill 9 09GJ  

 Beatrice Savill 9 09CRM  

 Stevie Mears 7 07ATP  

 Bethan George 7 07GSA  

 Lucy Rose 8 08LP  

 Kaitlin McCann 7 07NMR  

 Erin Blackmore 9 09LGH  

 Saphira Myrie 8 08LP  

 Megan Ellis 9 09SAS  

 Sophie Gosling 9 09LJ  

 Victoria Bungay 9 09GJ  


Isobel Farrant-Worth 8 08ATT  

 Erin Jukes 9 09CSB  

 Kirsty Robinson 7 07MSS  

 Katie Dibble 9 09GJ  

 Lukasz Gmyrek 9 09SAS  

 Abbey Jobson 8 08ATT  

 Francesca Adams-Ledger 7 07SER  

 Emily Godfrey 7 07AEG  

 Millie Hardman 7 07MSS  

 Eva Squires 8 08MSP  

 Elizabeth Turner 7 07RF  

 Abi Beaumont 8 08LP  

 Archie McGrath 7 07MSS  

 Patryk Plachecki 7 07SER  

 Edie Stratford 7 07SRB  

 Holly Thompson 9 09GJ  

 Emily Pattison 7ATP   

Saskia Collings 7DH

Poppy Crowther 7MSS

Jasmine Evans 7NMR

Megan Harris  7RJT  

Abby Alderson 7SR

B Laura Nicholas  8ATT  

Ellen Holmes  8BD  

Hazel Joyce 8BD  

Sophie Lock 8Eeb

Elina Saryazdi 8JK

Liam Tuckey 8JTF  

Emily Bowden 8LP  

Ariadna Bazaga Pozas  9JT  

Sophie Candy 8JAW  

Phoebe Everett-Lodge 7NMR

Anna Parkinson 8EEB