There was a 25.6% return rate (24.5% in 2012)

Parents gave an excellent overall performance score of 82.1% (80.8% in 2012).  There is no significant difference between parents of FSM+6 students and non FSM+6 parents.

96.5% of parents said they would recommend the school to another parent.

10 academic areas have shown an increase in scores since 2012 – One of which is considered significant (2nd MFL).

No academic areas have received significantly significant decreases in scores.

7 non-academic areas have shown significant increase in scores since 2012:

A further 18 non-academic areas have shown an increase in scores.  2 areas have decreased, but not significantly (Careers Advice, School Facilities.  NB 42% of replies re Careers advice were ‘No opinion’)

Almost all academic subjects score higher than 70% (the suggested ‘baseline’ by Kirkland Rowell) and all non-academic topics score higher than 65% (again, the suggested baseline)

34.8% of parents think students are not pushed hard enough (compared to 38.6% from similar schools).  15.3 % think students are pushed too hard (compared to 14.1% in similar schools).

Parents say that students receive 6.5 hours of homework (compared to 5.5hrs in similar schools).  In all year groups the clear majority feel this is about right.

Areas for consideration

In comparison to similar schools the scores in almost all areas were on or above the average.  The area that showed a dip was in Careers advice for KS4 (however a large percentage of parents also said they had ‘No opinion – 42%)

The only area that was rated as requiring improvement in the OFSTED section was Diet.

The following areas are highlighted as ‘Outstanding’ by the survey

In the OFSTED categories all areas were rated as ‘Good’ with ‘Outstanding’ for Sixth Form Provision

In addition, in the OFSTED sub-categories the following were rated Outstanding:

Summary of Kirkland Rowell Independent
Survey of Parents(2015)

Achievement for All