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The ‘family’ of American Football in Devon and Cornwall



AF  = adult non contact flag

YF  = youth / junior non-contact flag

FF  = adult female non-contact flag

CL  = adult full-contact national community league

YK  = Youth kitted (full contact)

UNI = University full-contact (bucs) British University American Football League

Sch = School-based programme

Number denotes size of team / game format.

11 = 11v11 (full-contact)

5 = 5v5 (non-contact and full contact formats)

Full contact is also known as ‘kitted’ or ‘tackle’ football.

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The Exmouth Community College American Football Programme

‘An excellent National Lottery-funded project.’ - 2013 National Lottery Awards Committee

WFDG ebulletin Jan 2013.pdf £106.50 Raised so far! Raptors Support Headway Action from the Activities Week Boot Camp!




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Raptors help make American Football

History in the UK!

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The advent of American Football entering the School Games is one of the biggest (if not the biggest story) to unfold in American Football for schools in the history of the sport. The reason? The staff, students and volunteer coaches at Exmouth Community College over the last 7 years!

Very early on Rooksby made a decision after a conversation with the then British American Football Association’s (BAFA) Director for Student Football, Andy Fuller, (now General Manager of IFAF – the world governing body for American Football in 71 countries) about the direction the Programme at Exmouth should take – competition or development? Rooksby chose development and set about learning about the sport and how to deliver American Football safely in a school. 7 years on and after taking early retirement to become BAFA’s full-time Manager for Schools, he created BAFA’s official school programme ‘Touchdown Football’ and set about working on delivering BAFA’s desired strategy for schools.

In November 2015, Rooksby presented to the Youth Sport Trust his completed Touchdown Football Programme. On the strength of that presentation, the Youth Sport Trust successfully gained permission for American Football to be entered into the School Games. In an incredible act of ‘faith’ in Rooksby, the Trust admitted American Football into the School Games process in January - mid-way through and with a March deadline. Rooksby delivered the information and graphics for 2 new Competition Cards and 6 Challenge Cards within that deadline that were also fully inclusive to give the largest number of children access to the sport. Then there was the matter of leadership pathways, new equipment, and a whole set of other issues and materials to develop ready for the rolling-out of the sport to schools in September this year. Much later in the process came official NFL approval and the gaining of the NFL shield to use on the School Games materials.

Much of the ground-work was developed at Exmouth. Sometimes Rooksby came-up with new ideas, sometimes the students did. Not bound by competition rule restrictions, Rooksby was able to take the form and format of the sport into new and exciting directions – with the students responding with much enthusiasm and energy.

As recognition of that role the students played, they figure a great deal in this first publicity drive and in the teacher resources that Rooksby has created. For a full look at those resources go to:

When Coach Rooksby started the Programme he never dreamed it would reach this level of achievement. But he did have the foresight to see the potential for achievement, given the right events, people and circumstances falling into place. Hopefully, the first National Schools’ Championship will be held at Exmouth on the first and only permanently marked 5v5 American Football Field in the UK. The College should feel proud to take its place in a sports history and be the light that leads the way.