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The ‘family’ of American Football in Devon and Cornwall



AF  = adult non contact flag

YF  = youth / junior non-contact flag

FF  = adult female non-contact flag

CL  = adult full-contact national community league

YK  = Youth kitted (full contact)

UNI = University full-contact (bucs) British University American Football League

Sch = School-based programme

Number denotes size of team / game format.

11 = 11v11 (full-contact)

5 = 5v5 (non-contact and full contact formats)

Full contact is also known as ‘kitted’ or ‘tackle’ football.

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The Exmouth Community College American Football Programme

‘An excellent National Lottery-funded project.’ - 2013 National Lottery Awards Committee

WFDG ebulletin Jan 2013.pdf £106.50 Raised so far! Raptors Support Headway Action from the Activities Week Boot Camp!




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Click      to watch video

In a contest that Charles Darwin would have approved of, the Exmouth Raptors took-on the newly formed adult community flag team, the Exeter Falcons on Saturday June 4th at the college.

Showing how the American Football community is normally so integrated, the Exeter Falcons’ team captain and quarterback Lewis Gregory is an ex-Exeter University graduate (as is Coach Rooksby), who also played for three years with the university’s Exeter Demons team (as did several of the Falcon players). Furthermore Lewis currently plays alongside Oli Barnard (one of the Raptors’ original group of players) in the Torbay Trojans team!

The day started with a few group photos (see above) with the Raptors mascot taking center stage.  The two teams joined

Evolutionary first: Raptor vs Raptor!

It is with great pleasure that the Exmouth Community College American Football Programme home of the Exmouth Raptors, welcomes back a founding student member Oli Barnard, who has joined the Coaching Staff. Oli was in the very first group that started on the Programme in 2010. He was the main quarterback and ‘coach-on-the-field’ as QBs tend to be (they are the team’s natural Captain). Oli has also recently joined the Torbay Trojans American Football club as a player in their Senior Team, currently in Division Two of the National Leagues. Oli is known to the Trojans as he was one of the players from Exmouth that took part in the Day of American Football on Paignton Green in the summer of 2014 when over 100 players and coaches from around the region held a day long set of demonstration games at both senior and junior level as well as in 5v5 flag and 5v5 & 11v11 full-contact versions.

Oli here reflects on coming back to a Programme he started and also on what it means to be a Trojan now;

‘Coming back to the Programme has been amazing; I wish that I made the decision to come back earlier. Seeing the players turning up rain or shine shows how much passion and dedication they all have to the sport and being a part of that gives you an amazing feeling. In just the few weeks I have been back I can see the talent and commitment that they all have and I’m looking forward to seeing their progression.’

Coach Rooksby says;

‘It was brilliant to hear from Oli and better still to see him want to come back and support the Programme that he had help set-up. It is also thrilling to have the chance to watch him play at senior level – the accent on the Programme here has always been about development ready for the university or community senior leagues. With other ex-Raptors playing in the university league, the Programme has met its key objectives. I look forward to being able to see Oli in action this season!’

Oli is not the only ex-Raptor that has returned to help Coach, a regular returner in between University and trips abroad is Lewis Marks, as reported in previous Raptor up-dates. From time to time other players have stopped-off to say hello - and it is always a pleasure to see them again and hear about what they are doing.

Cornish Sharks vs Torbay Trojans: Match Report

Help Us to Help Ourselves

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together in a warm-up led by Coach Rooksby and there was a mixed training circuit of throwing and catching, footwork and tagging practice. Once completed, the three teams got ready for the games that were to be played.

The weather was perfect, the spirit of play was excellent and everyone really enjoyed the experience, even given the age-gap! The Falcon’s enjoyed their experience playing opposite a very young and very fast opposition that had much raw talent in evidence. The Raptors were challenged by well-drilled and very well organized Falcons’ Offensive and Defensive units.   

Several of the games produced superb ‘stand-out’ moments but the real focus on the day was having a fun learning experience! Something that was achieved in abundance. The Raptors and Exmouth Community College extends its thanks and gratitude to the Falcons for a super day of American Flag Football. The Raptors would like to thank the parents who turned-out to see their youngsters play. With a number of parents also turning out to support the youngsters, this was a complete day of competitive sport!

New Coach – first Raptor!

On a glorious, cloudless day in Newquay, the Cornish Sharks matched-up against their divisional rivals the Torbay Trojans. In a faint whisper of football history when Mike Ditkar (the Chicago Bears Head Coach) took his Super Bowl winning team to Dallas to face the Dallas Cowboys against his old teacher, mentor and Head Coach, Tom Landry (and recorded one of the most surprising wins of that famous season by beating the Cowboys 44-0 in the Cowboys worse loss in 15 years!), teacher and student met again when Oli Barnard (one of the original Raptors, now a Trojan) faced Coach Smallworth who helped set-up the American Football Programme at the College.

Coach Smallworth was very proud and excited to see Oli again and in a football context. The game was well contested and in good spirits. The Sharks drove forward on offense but were limited by a good Trojans defense. On Defense the Sharks were more than a match for the

Trojans’ offence and therefore limited the effectiveness of the Trojans offense. On offense, the Sharks made it count and scored hard-fought touchdowns to win the game.

A much closer game than the score-line might suggest but credit to both teams for a good game of football. It was a real pleasure to see Oli compete at this level and with such surety! Oli says about being a Trojan;

‘Becoming a Trojan has been an amazing experience for me, being able to take my progression that one step further on from the Programme (at Exmouth). They have welcomed me to the team with open arms which has given me a massive boost. It is very different playing 11v11 but I am starting to get the hang of it and hopefully will pick positions and roles up quickly as the season progresses. I have just started to get the buzz from the contact back, and can’t wait to keep it going for many seasons to come!’

We wish Oli every success for the season ahead! (In the slide show, Oli is wearing a black helmet and black jersey with the number 51 on it.)

‘Retirement? What retirement?’: Coach catches-up on his first year as BAFA Manager for Schools

We asked Coach Rooksby about his first year away from teaching (although not from the school, since he still delivers training on the Programme 3 after-school sessions a week).

He was asked if he missed teaching Psychology; ‘Surprisingly not, I’ve been involved with Psychology since 1983, first as a student, then as researcher (look-up his work on Lucid Dreaming) and then as a teacher. I am still a senior examiner with AQA and am taking part in a new mentoring scheme for new examiners but I still use psychology quite a lot in what I do. In fact, because I still deal with students of all ages, teachers, Principals and parents, it just feels like a natural extension of what I did for 24 years at Exmouth. I also deal with a whole range of journalists, coaches, educators, administrations, child-protection officers etc, all my varied experiences at Exmouth have really prepared me to cope with the diversity of this new role.’

And summing-up his first year?

‘Well, it has been an extraordinarily busy year, with some really exciting developments that have come out of the hours of telephone calls, hundreds of emails and several thousand miles driving up and down the motorways. The job has taken me to (on more than one occasion): London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Derby, Buckingham, Loughborough, Nottingham, Coventry, Plymouth, Newquay, Luton and so on. I have delivered new training days to teachers and students, started to build a new network of staff to help deliver the exciting events to be announced in July. Unfortunately, Sport England won’t allow BAFA to publicize these developments at the moment and I understand why. However, before the official launch, there is still much to do behind the scenes. The College has been an important part of the process and remains so, too.’

Frustrating and as irritating as it is, we must wait for this interesting announcement to be made.