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The ‘family’ of American Football in Devon and Cornwall



AF  = adult non contact flag

YF  = youth / junior non-contact flag

FF  = adult female non-contact flag

CL  = adult full-contact national community league

YK  = Youth kitted (full contact)

UNI = University full-contact (bucs) British University American Football League

Sch = School-based programme

Number denotes size of team / game format.

11 = 11v11 (full-contact)

5 = 5v5 (non-contact and full contact formats)

Full contact is also known as ‘kitted’ or ‘tackle’ football.

American Football UK NFL.COM The Shack

The Exmouth Community College American Football Programme

‘An excellent National Lottery-funded project.’ - 2013 National Lottery Awards Committee

WFDG ebulletin Jan 2013.pdf £106.50 Raised so far! Raptors Support Headway Action from the Activities Week Boot Camp!




Click      to watch video

Click      to watch video

There is a new buzz around Exmouth’s nationally known American Football Programme with Yr10 girls once again stepping-up to the challenge! Several years ago, a group of 15 girls made the Programme their own ‘They were awesome’ Coach Rooksby remembers, ‘and talented, too!  We played Coventry Jets Ladies, the Warwick University Wolverines, the Plymouth University Bolts and Plymouth Extreme’. But this group looks set to surpass even their terrific achievements. ‘This new group is very focussed on full-contact football and several of them are using it as part of their GCSE Assessment – sadly the last time that they will be able to, under the new Government led changes to the examination specifications,’ Coach lamented but with the inspiration of the now Legendary ‘Sack’ by

These girls can – and do!

Watch the video of the now legendary ‘Sack’ by Phoebe Holman on one of the Programme’s experienced male quarter-backs click the pick below

Phoebe Holman on one of the Programme’s experienced male quarter-backs at the College’s Open Evening Demonstration game, these girls really can and really do! ‘I’m just so very proud of their spirit, attitude, determination and effort – everything that is great about ECC students!’ he concluded ‘They learn quickly and are very focussed on getting the technique right with some of them showing exceptional potential talent.’

Coach Rooksby attended the Jacksonville Jaguars’ ‘JagTag’ event at London Fields Park in London on Sunday September 27th. JagTag is a stripped-down version of 5v5 Flag Football which is similar to the 3v3 format played at the college. Fun, fast and a great way to experience the very basics of American Football. Coach said of the day, ‘It was great to meet up with Jags Director Laura Oakes again (and other key Jaguar UK staff) even though I do keep her up-to-date with the progress of the Raptors after she presented the MVP Award at Sport Awards last year. The day was a really super event with lots of children and adults coming to play JagTag, experience other football related activities that the Jags put on, watch members of the Jag’s cheerleading squad ‘The Roar’ go through their paces and meet the Jags Mascot ‘Jaxson de Ville’.

Coach Rooksby with UK Jaguars’ Director Laura Oakes

Raptors and Jaguars show mutual support.

The weather was great, the atmosphere really fun-filled and the day ran really smoothly due to the hard-work of the Jaguars staff and their helpers. Brilliant!’

Last year, as guests of the Jaguars, Coach Rooksby and post-16 student Sam Arthur went to a closed Jags practice at their hotel in London. This year, the Jags once again and very kindly invited Coach and two deserving students – Harry Whatmore and Luke Pile-Rowland – to attend and watch the Jags practice before their game at Wembley on the Sunday.

Although a very long day, it was a fascinating insight into how professional American football is practised and played. With no live tackling, the practice involved the team ‘rehearsing’ the chosen plays from its 230+ playbook. Each player has to know their every move and responsibility for tackling or blocking on each play – and the quarterback 23-year-old Blake Bortles – has to know every move of every player in every play!

After the practice, the attending fans from the Jacksonville Fan club and various media personnel gathered at the side line to meet and greet many of the first team players, their quarterback, members of the Roar Cheerleading Squad, the mascot and the Head Coach, Gus Bradley, who signed autographs and posed for pictures. Photos show Luke and Harry meeting the players and posing with the Roar. ‘I got to speak with Coach Bradley’ Coach Rooksby said, which was a real honour.’ He also went on to say, ’The boys were a credit to themselves, the school and to their parents. Especially as on the way back we got stuck in very slow moving traffic after (thankfully) a non-fatal accident just outside Bristol that added more than an hour onto our journey.’ The College expresses its thanks to the Jags organization for sending the special invite.

Jags invite Coach and students to second live

pre-game practice in London!

Members of the Exmouth Community College American Football Programme really pulled-out all the stops for a superb demonstration of 5v5 kitted football but also of how enthusiastic and responsible Community College students they are. Without any particular direction for Coach Rooksby, working to organise and prepare for the kitted demo, Raptor members not only shared the task of running the ‘Welcome Table’ and the Quarterback Challenge fund-raising activity (that raised £20 for the Raptors’ Charity, ‘Headway Devon – the brain injury charity) but also individually, approached and talked to parents and ran little ‘taster’ sessions

Raptors pull-out all stops to make their demonstration at Open Evening the best so far!

for the younger children )using the very soft small footballs that were donated by the Jacksonville Jaguars as part of a gift of equipment sent to the college to celebrate the opening of the new astro). Their confidence and excellent explanations and answers to the questions they were asked, really impressed.

The 5v5 demonstration gap was a super affair, with two female Raptors getting kitted-up for their first game and taking the position of centre. Both girls did extremely well for their first proper game. The boys showed-off a full range of football skills from throwing and catching to blocking and tackling to even kicking the football on kick-off. As the picture shows, everyone had a great deal of fun! Game MVP unanimously goes to Phoebe Holman who, in a rush of adrenaline and excitement, forgot that she was only supposed to ‘touch’ the quarterback to ‘sack’ him and instead executed a technically very good tackle and took a very surprised QB to the ground! A truly magic moment!

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