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New Principal Appointed

The Governing Board are delighted to announce the appointment of Andrew Davis as the new Principal of Exmouth Community College. Andrew brings a wealth of experience to the role. Mr Davis is currently Principal at Huish Episcopi Academy in Somerset where he has been since 2013. Prior to this he was Head at Dawlish Community College for seven years.

The Governors interviewed six candidates during a three day assessment process which tested a wide range of skills and knowledge. Andrew stood out as an excellent candidate from the start. He will take up the post from the start of September 2017 when Mr Alexander, the current Principal, retires.

Jill Elson. Chair of the Governing Board        

Trampoline coach, Niki Grimes, pictured in white above holding the trophy, was very proud of the students who did so well to become the Devon Schools Trampoline Champions. All eighteen students contributed to the this great win against over 200 competitors from fifteen schools.  Their achievement resulted in being the Runners Up in the Express and Echo Sports Awards: School Team of the Year.

Amelia Bowmer 1st place individual U13 advanced/ 1st place team with James Brown, Carly Cox, Esme Killburnthompson. Reserve: Holli Williams.

Macy Clarke 1st place individual/ 1st place team.  

Molly Macllellean 3rd place individual/1st place team.

Other team members were Holly Hales and Freya Cranmer.  Reserve Emily Patterson

U15 advanced team: Robyn Pickering, Owen Shaw,  Harry Wright and  Tegan Marrat

U15 novice: Ethan Payntor, Abigail Savage, Clara Woodhead and Charlie Levi.

All the students were coached by Niki at the after college trampoline club.  Well done to them all!


Devon School Trampoline Champions!! AND Runners Up in Express & Echo Sports Awards.

At the awards the students were complemented on their achievement, appearance and behaviour.

On the first Saturday of the Easter holidays, college student and member of our American Football Programme, Katie Ingham (11NH), stepped into, quite literally, the ‘Lion’s Den’ and took the field with 70 women competing for just 12 spaces on the GB Lions’ Women’s Flag Team. Most of the women attending were from university or community teams with a dozen or so already playing for GB in the 5v5, 7v7 or 11v11 flag and full-contact formats. These were experienced and seasoned players, as you would expect them to be, to get into an elite GB squad. The trial is one of four that the women must attend as part of the selection process.

The day was physically gruelling: starting with a 30-minute warm-up, an-hour-and-a-half of drills, a 30-minute warm-down followed by a 45-minute lunch break. In the afternoon, a 30-minute warm-up, an hour-and-a-half of games and then a 30-minute warm-down. Games at this level are no different to what Katie plays at College, except that they are fast and the Quarterback (the position Katie was evaluated in) is under constant blitz pressure (a defender rushes the QB to tag them or stop them throwing a good pass). A very demanding situation for any quarterback but for one in their first taste of play at this level, extraordinarily demanding.

So, how did Katie do?

Although two years younger than the youngest participant, Katie showed-off her talent and emotional strength and ‘did not look out of place’, according to Women’s GB Flag Head Coach, Andrew Gambrill. It was a demanding day both physically and mentally but one that has put Katie in a very good position for future GB selection. As one GB Coach whispered to Coach Rooksby, also attending the day, ‘She’s going to be good!’  Katie has time to develop the skills and experience to become a genuine GB prospect.

The College extends its thanks to the GB Coaching staff for giving Katie this amazing opportunity. Congratulations to Katie for representing the Raptors and the College in admirable fashion.

Raptors Roar in Lion’s Den! Possible future GB Team Selection for Katie.

With GB Head Coach

In action with potential GB players

Information about the show.pdf

Fifty five Year 10 students attended The National Apprenticeship Show held at West point arena. Students had the opportunity to walk around the event visiting local and national companies and speak to representatives about the exciting and varied opportunities they had to offer.

The students were also able to attend various talks and seminars during their visit.

The students came home with bags full of information (and a few goodies!!!) which will help them to continue their research into this exciting career path.

The students conducted themselves in a mature manner, representing the college and themselves exceptionally well.

If you would like more information on apprenticeships please call into the careers office.

German Exchange 2017 – The return Visit

The return leg of our exchange with Oettingen this year began the day after the German students had returned to Germany.  We travelled by minibus to Bristol Airport to catch a flight directly to Munich.  All went well and with a minor delay we arrived at the school in Oettingen on Saturday evening.  The families were all there to meet us and we went our separate ways to spend the remainder of the weekend with partners and their families.  Some students discovered that their partners had arranged a visit to a water park near Nuremberg for the Sunday. Some of us just enjoyed spending time with the families and enjoying some traditional German food and other activities.



Four dance students from Exmouth Community College had the opportunity to work with theatre company, State of Emergency, to choreograph a curtain opener for their performance at Exeter's Northcott theatre last week. The college works closely with a resident dance artist, Kay Crook who also runs Exeter Youth Dance Company.

Milo Godwin-Coombes, Sabrina Welch, Hatty Musgrove and Matilda Cretney spent two days working alongside dancers from Exeter College and EYDC to create the piece, which opened to rapturous applause in the theatre on Thursday 27th April. All four pupils really impressed the choreographers and worked with such a professional level of focus.

Dancers Work with Professionals to Develop their Skills

A group of year 9 and year 10 Art students, accompanied by Mrs Langlois and Mr Perry, recently enjoyed a day at Exeter Cathedral, finding out about how this enormous building is maintained. Stonemasons and a stained glass expert explained and demonstrated their skills and techniques, and students were also instructed in geometrical drawing, enabling them to accurately draw arches. The students were able to try out the techniques and were also given a very interesting and informative tour of the cathedral. All of the students found the day very enjoyable and the cathedral staff commented on the students’ enthusiasm and

Art Students Explore the Craft of Building Exeter Cathedral

behaviour.      Our thanks go to  ExeDFas – Exeter Decorative and Fine Arts Society who sponsored the visit.

Students with 100 Epraise Points Presented College Medals Winners

Lukasz Gmyrek  has managed to collect 100 plus epraise points for his work this year and was quick enough to bag a major prize from the online epraise shop.  Lukasz is pictured wearing his epraise medal and holding the radio controlled quadcopter complete with on board HD video camera which he purchased with his points.

Lily Allen 8 08LP  

 William Henderson 8 08LP  

 Holly Hales 8 08MSP  

 Daisy Robinson 8 08MJM  

 Leonie Burton 9 09SAS  

 Poppy Sawyer 9 09SAS  

 Catriona Brownbill 9 09GJ  

 Beatrice Savill 9 09CRM  

 Stevie Mears 7 07ATP  

 Bethan George 7 07GSA  

 Lucy Rose 8 08LP  

 Kaitlin McCann 7 07NMR  

 Erin Blackmore 9 09LGH  

 Saphira Myrie 8 08LP  

 Megan Ellis 9 09SAS  

 Sophie Gosling 9 09LJ  

 Victoria Bungay 9 09GJ  


Isobel Farrant-Worth 8 08ATT  

 Erin Jukes 9 09CSB  

 Kirsty Robinson 7 07MSS  

 Katie Dibble 9 09GJ  

 Lukasz Gmyrek 9 09SAS  

 Abbey Jobson 8 08ATT  

 Francesca Adams-Ledger 7 07SER  

 Emily Godfrey 7 07AEG  

 Millie Hardman 7 07MSS  

 Eva Squires 8 08MSP  

 Elizabeth Turner 7 07RF  

 Abi Beaumont 8 08LP  

 Archie McGrath 7 07MSS  

 Patryk Plachecki 7 07SER  

 Edie Stratford 7 07SRB  

 Holly Thompson 9 09GJ  

All students achieving 100 points will receive the college medal as this is a major achievement.  Listed below are those students who have currently achieved 100 points.  Images are of Deputy Principal. Mr Turner, presenting the medals.

The College Ten Tors teams of year 10 and 11 students, navigated with a map and compass across Dartmoor: 35 miles for the year 10s and 45 miles for the year 11s. The challenge is to complete the route within two days...or less... whilst being totally self sufficient.  Students carry their own kit and equipment, camp wild overnight and cook their own food, irrespective of the weather conditions.  A Challenge not to be taken lightly!  

After six months, the Ten Tors teams have just completed the Ten Tors challenge. All the teams completed the course within good time. The Nuns Cross Team romped in on Sunday at 9.30 am followed by the Princetown Team at 11.30.  Team 45 were later to arrive at 1.30pm and sadly one of their number had to drop out.

This was a splendid result for all those who trained so hard and the college is most proud of of them all.

The first training session started back in October on a sunny day on Dartmoor, covering 7 miles. During the course of the six months, as the miles increased, the weather deteriorated, and the students walked in wind, rain, hail and snow.  More recently the weather has improved and the conditions on the final training weekend were similar to that back on their first walk in October.

The Teams

Nuns Cross Team 35

(Otherwise known as The Hot Cross Nuns) Alec Dunstan, Ben Stuart, Louis Lees, Ben Hushon,   Charlie Stott, George Cook

Princetown Team 35

(Otherwise known as The Princes) Louis Hockings-Cooke, Zacch Lines, Stewart Masters, Thomas    Croal, Lily O'Loughlin, Clara Woodhead

Team 45s

Damien Lis, Sam Moxham, Anya Coles, Katie Down, Lewis Eaglesfield, Gregory Marks

Ten Tors Teams: Terrific Result!!

Team 45 Finish

Princetown Team Finish

Nuns Cross Team Finish

Watch the Videos

Post 16 Actors Show Great Talent : Hedda Gabler

Post 16 drama students produced, directed and acted in a most engaging and powerful version of Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler

What a year of culture it has been for the Drama Department at college. Following on from a production of 'Twelfth Night' in the Autumn Term, two of our Theatre Studies students, Ezre Holland and Tom Baker , decided that they would like to direct and perform in their new, A Level, set text,'Hedda Gabler' by Henrik Ibsen.

The production was a triumph and a testament to their hard work ,determination and creative vision.

Ezre portrayed all the complexities of the character of Hedda, trapped in a loveless marriage, while Tom played the role of her husband George Tesman, providing humour and gusto. Beth Freer was a lovely contrast to Hedda in the role of Mrs Elvsted and Jack Arthur and Ben Dawson were admirable support as past suitors with further ambitions for Hedda's affections. Loella Lewis and Helenna Bellman performed cameo roles as Tesman's motherly "Auntie Juju" and Bertha the maid.

Although Ibsen wrote 'Hedda Gabler' in 1891 it is still relevant play today as it questions gender issues within society.


Dodgeball For Charity: British Heart Foundation

The Level 2 BTEC students ran a Year 7 inter tutor dodgeball tournament. The aim was for the students to have fun and raise money for the British Heart Foundation. After forty minutes of hard fought games three tutor groups made it into the final. 7RF were eventual winners with GSA coming second and a combined team of RJT and NMR coming third. We have so far raised over £60 pounds for the British Heart Foundation. The winning tutor group consisted of Wesley Connabeare, Joseph Allen, Robert Renaud, Lewis Beer, Jack Greaves and Cody Glanville.  The BTEC students are pictured with the winning team.

Jacobs Engineering Work with Yr 7 Students

Four members of Jacobs Engineering came into College on May 10 to work with over 100 year 7 students.  The session began with an explanation of what engineering is with practical local examples to illustrate the breadth of professions and jobs encapsulated in the term ‘engineering’.  

A challenge was then set to build a tower out of paper at least 58cm high and capable of carrying a substantial weight. The students worked in groups trying to solve the problem and then build their model towers.

At the end of the session every tower was tested by balancing weights on the top until the tower collapsed.  The tower which carried the greatest weight was the winner. (Pictured)



RAF “Fun of Flight” Show Thrills Year 8 Scientists!

The RAF “ Fun of Flight” Education Roadshow visited college on May 11 to grab the attention of Year 8 students.  In a dynamic show which employed video, humour, drones with cameras, numerous props and dancing flames the team entertained and educated students in the principles of flight.  The show brought the physics and engineering of flight to life which ensured everyone attending the hour long show learned a great deal in a short time but left feeling entertained as well.  Brilliant!

Year 9 Girls Explore Artificial

Intelligence during Easter Holidays

During the event around 40 Year 9 students from across the country learnt about the different aspects of the field of Artificial Intelligence including talking robots, otherwise known as ‘chatbots’.

Students worked in small teams to develop their own computer program that they then tested for intelligence. The students also discovered the methods machines of the future may use to learn about their environments and make decisions for themselves.

The social programme, sponsored by the University, included a film night, sports activities and a formal dinner and disco. Here is one student’s account of her experience.

Day 1 –  First, we had a few icebreaker activities to prepare us to work in teams of people we’d never met before. Then we had a lecture that was lead by Professor Richard Everson about how Artificial Intelligence identifies different objects such as faces, trees or letters.

Day 2 – Today, we had to create our own virtual robots using Java. We did this through a program called Robocode, which enables you to create tanks that have to essentially destroy all the other tanks using strategy in our coding.

Day 3 – For our main project, we had to create physical robots using Lego Mindstorms that could go through a maze of unknown shape and size in the least amount of time possible.

For this, we had to split our team up into two different sectors, Designers, Coders and those who were in charge of making the presentation on our robot.

Day 4 – Finally, we tested the robots on a maze and then we gave our presentations.

This was followed by an awards assembly, where they handed out prizes to the winners and certificates for all of us.

Our thanks to Ariadna Bazaga Pozas for this story

The course was partly sponsored by Exmouth Community College to encourage more girls to take Computer Science along with girl only Computing and ICT classes in Year 8 and 9. This has proved to be successful with now a record 8 girls taking Computer Science out of 36. A 12% increase.    

Ariadna Bazaga Pozas, Darcey Greenland, Jessica Hillier and Sophie Harris-Cotton were given a unique hands-on learning experience when they visited the University’s Streatham Campus in Exeter, as part of the four-day residential course, organised and delivered by educational charity, The Smallpeice Trust.

The girls are pictured with Mr Alexander and Computing Teacher Mrs Hardman.

Year 8 and 9 boys participated in a two day workshop learning break dance tricks and contemporary dance with a visiting artist 'Matt' from Just4Funk and our PGCE dance trainee, Mr Williams. The two days culminated in a public performance of their work.

Break Dance Workshop for Boys from Years 8 & 9 Boys

Gold and Silver for College Athletes!

E.C.C athletes proved themselves to be a winning combination at the Devon Schools Combined Events Championships on Sunday 21st May at Exeter Arena.

Gold medalists in the Junior Girls School Team competition and Silver medal for Issy F.W, 7th Charris.S, 8th Liberty.B and 11th Danielle.P. Well done Girls!! Miss Holland

Past Catering Competition Success Encourages more Students to take up the Challenge!

College students have a good record of success in cooking competitions. Most recently Jack Briggs took part in the Great Schools Cook-Off final at Exeter Festival in April. This involved cooking in front of Michael Caines and a large audience. He did very well but was just pipped at the post and had to settle for second place, which was, nevertheless, a great achievement when judged by a Michelin Starred chef!

Last week a former student who now works in catering, Jack Sharland, visited the college to advise and support students who have decided to enter the Junior South West Chef of the year competition. Abbie Evans, Katherine Mitchell and Dylan Gambrell are all GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition students.  They have to put together a one course meal show casing local ingredients. They tried out their recipes last Tuesday, and Jack gave them some professional feedback.

A group of year nine students held a cake sale in the Library during break and lunch on May 24. They were raising money for Amnesty International. Seven of the students decided to do this after reading ‘The Bone Sparrow’ as part of their preparation to compete in the Carnegie Book Shadowing Awards. The novel is set in a refugee camp in Australia and inspired the students to try and help refugees through raising some cash for the charity.

The nine students raised an impressive £152.80 selling homemade cakes.

The seven students from the 2017 Carnegie Book Medal Shadowing Group were:

Ariadna Bazaga Pozas 9JT, Darcey Greenland 9LGH, Beatrice Saville 9CRM, Leonie Burton 9SAS, Archie Smith 9JT, Joe Mellor 9RSM and Helena Stimpson 9ED

Two  Library monitors helped as well: Henry Follett 7VC and Jess Langley 8JK

Inspired to Help by Reading

Year 12 Textile students have had fun helping out with the Exmouth Art Trial to be held, during Exmouth Festival, May 26th - June 4th. They have made huge plants and other art to adorn the 'Jungle room' that will be created upstairs in the Blackmore Theatre, Bicton Street, Exmouth. The theatre will be part of the trail which involves local artists and residents creating art and art experiences throughout the week. They usually expect up to 3,000 visitors, both local and national, over the week.

Year 12 Textile Students’ Work is Part of Exmouth Art Trail

The Music Department's Year 7 Jingle Competition took place on Wednesday 24th May and the judges were amazed at just how high the standard was. Congratulations to the winners - Archie McGrath, Annabel McGlashan, Kirsty Robinson and Yuba Whitear with their superb Jingle, Tasty Tap. Huge thanks to The Music Department and well done to all the Year 7 students who took part.

“Tasty Tap” Jingle Secures Prize For Year 7 Musicians

Cracking Codes with Professor McMullan

On May 25 Maths students were introduced to the complexities of code breaking by Professor McMullan from  the Centre for Mathematical Sciences at Plymouth University.  Code breaking is an exercise in maths and logic.  The students first had a chance to work on a simple Roman code called, surprisingly, The Ceasar Cypher - which is a simple substitution code.  Then they were told about codes that prisoners of war used to hide secret messages within the letters they were allowed to send home and were asked to work on something similar: this was a far more complex exercise.  The professor gave an example of codes in letters sent by a POW which were never broken until the Centre for Maths at Plymouth University were asked to work on them.  A challenging and interesting session.

On Thursday 25th May eight Year 7 and 8 students travelled to Kings School to race in the British Cycling Team Pursuit Grasstrack series.

After a hard afternoons racing both the Year 7 and 8 teams won their heats and semi-finals and went head to head with Colyton Grammar in the final.

The Year 7 team of Oscar Davies, Harrison Fox, Alex Stuart and Rosie Tidball won their race by a wide margin whilst the Year 8 team of Alice Parker, Esme Kilburn Thompson, Zach Pessell and Fin Webb lost narrowly to Colyton. The aggregate times of both finals saw Exmouth lose overall victory by 1 second!

Congratulations to all those who took part in a brilliant afternoons bike racing.

Cyclists Miss Out on Glory by Just One Second!

Manor Gardens Concert

The summer term is yet another busy period for the student musicians and staff of the Music Department.  Back from successful performances at the County Show student musicians and singers entertained the crowds at a concert in Manor Gardens, Exmouth. A full cross section of genres was represented as the talented youngsters delivered yet another fantastic and enjoyable performance.

Photo shows choir with enthusiastic member of the audience joining in with the conducting duties!

On Thursday 25 May, Mrs. Hardman accompanied six Year 8 students to Plymouth University to take part in the Institute of Engineering and Technology’s (IET) Faraday Challenge Day.

The day gave students the opportunity to research, design and make solutions to genuinely tough engineering problems. The students had to be creative and use their own problem solving skills to explore their capabilities as engineers.

The Exmouth Community College team consisted of Joseph Lewis, Will Henderson, Daisy Robinson, Effie Preston, Jess Langley and Elina Saryazdi. They were introduced to the challenge and told they had to design a new technology that would help with GB Olympic Sailing Team. They were given ten minutes to brainstorm ideas and then were introduced to BBC Micro:bit Touch Develop. Luckily, as this is part of their current lessons, the ECC team were fairly confident at programming as opposed to other schools who had never used Micro:bit before.

Next, the engineering shop opened and students could use their ‘Faraday’ money to buy extra kit for their Micro:bit.

This included l.e.d lights, buzzers, crocodile clip wires and stationery. Students were only given eighty ‘Faradays’ each so had to think carefully to make sure they did not over spend! Team ECC bought wires and buzzers and also some fabric and tape so that the device could be worn on the user’s wrist.

Help was limited to two student ambassadors and if teams requested too much help they were charged…in Faradays of course! They were given time to modify their designs and the day ended with each team pitching their design to the IET panel with a presentation and demonstration. The teachers, who were also allowed to participate, but not compete, presented their ideas too!

The ECC design and product was by far the most innovative with a multi-purpose product that would detect the temperature and hydration of the Olympic team ensuring they could perform at maximum capability. Their presentation was also outstanding and included an advertising rap performed by Will Henderson. This meant that the ECC team came out top with 91 points out of a 100. They were awarded a trophy and certificate and a £10 Amazon gift voucher each! Ninety one points meant that they were in sixth place on the National League Table….but sadly not in the top five so the team just missed out on a finals place.

Huge congratulations to team ECC! It was a great day out which encouraged these students to think about engineering and technology and it was good to see Exmouth Community College win the competition in Plymouth.

Mrs Hardman                              

Are you keen to be a coder and develop the future?


Year 8 students Win the South West IET Faraday Challenge

Starpack organises national competitions for schools.  The college chose to enter a design for a Sports Bottle, in a competition sponsored by Logoplaste, and a design for vegetable packaging in a competition sponsored by Graphic Packaging International.

‘Legoplaste’ sports bottle design. The aim was to create a reusable bottle that can be used on the go whilst maintaining the quality and requirements of the liquid inside. The National Gold winner was Josh Langley.   Elliee McGlynn and Harry Shipton got through to the second round of judging. Josh has won £100, £400 for the college and a trip for thirty students to the Lucozade factory. Brilliant!

'Easy Pickings' vegetable packaging. The students had to design and develop a new form of carton board packaging for fruit and vegetables which protected and preserved the vegetables inside. The national Gold winner was Lisa Evans. Lisa has won £500 for the college. Thank you Lisa, a fantastic achievement.

All entrants have now been invited to a ceremony in London on 28 June where the winners will be awarded their certificates and will enjoy a free  trip on the London Eye. Congratulations, and thanks, to Josh, Lisa, Elliee and Harry!

Josh’s Design

Lisa’s Design

Students Scoop Big Design Prizes!!

Ariadna Grabs Top Epraise Prize

The top prize in the Epraise shop this year was an electric guitar with three pick-ups, great skull design feature, pick-up selection and tone management.  There was also a complete set of spare strings, a pack of plectrums, a shoulder strap, and guitar bag.  In addition the prize included an electronic tuning aid and an amplifier complete with all necessary leads.

Ariadna managed to earn the 140 epraise points and to buy the prize before anyone else.  Well done!!

Ariadna has erned 151 points giving her Honours from Emerald through to Platinum, the highest possible.  In addition she  has been given Epraise accolades from RE, Mr Turner, English and the another for writing a super story for the College magazine. Ariadna also managed to get the following Epraise Achievement badges:Top of Year Group, Top of Tutor Group, Inspiration to Others, Service to College, Creative Arts and Academic Achievement.

ONE BIG PRIZE LEFT: There is still a ten inch tablet computer for someone to grab..but it will cost you 150 points.

Photography Competition Winners!

On Thursday the 8th of June at Exeter Community College , Rotary President John Thorogood presented the Rotary Club "Young Photographer" certificates and prizes won by young photographers from Exmouth and district community entered in the Rotary Young Photographer Competition.

The Rotary Club extended its congratulations to all the budding photographers from the Post 16 photography group led by tutor Mr Perry. Organiser, Rotarian Frank Hart-Venn , offered short critiques of the entries which proved of a very high standard, based on a theme of "Reflection".

 The outstanding winner was Sommer Vandenberg. Sommer was also runner up in Rotary District 1175 competition covering the whole of Devon and Cornwall. Her photographs realised the comment, "A very different and creative interpretation of the theme. Three impactful and thought-provoking images that are very well constructed".

The runner up in the club competition was Oliver Evans. A huge well done to all students involved in the competition.

Photograph by Sommer Vandenberg

Year 7 Sports Day in the Sun

Year 7 students had a wonderful Sports Day on Monday 14 June.  Other Year groups enjoyed their Sports Days in the same week.

See Exmouth Journal for more pictures.