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Summer 2018

Sports Relief day was centred on activities in PE but the great attraction was the exercise bike in reception where staff and students competed to rack up the most miles. The competition was fierce between staff and students, the staff were leading for the first half of the day but the students slowly caught them up and then passed the staff total!  The staff fought back to within 2 miles of the winning 119.6 miles completed by Post 16 students. Brilliant day for all.  Thanks for organising it Mrs Coult!!
Staff cycled 117.7 miles
Post 16 cycled 119.6

Staff and Students Cycle 237.3 miles for Sport Relief

Science week was Marked by Competitions for year 7 and 8.

Some of the work produced was very good and we show one example below by Beth George in Year 8.

Miss Loader was really impressed by some homework on Macbeth which her Year 10 English class completed.
10W1 were given the brief ‘Produce something inspired by Macbeth’ and the response was amazing! Some students chose to produce paintings, some produced revision aids and we even had a music composition and a Macbeth inspired cake!

Impressive Work on Macbeth!

On the 5th March a party of the College's Most Able Year 10 students braved bitter cold and rain to visit The University of Oxford, as part of the college's partnership in the South West Academies Group (SWAG) Challenge Plus programme - and the College's own Aspire program.

Our thanks to Miss Wakeham for supervising the students on this trip and for everyone who worked tirelessly around the snow disruption to ensure that everything went smoothly.

Year 10 Students Visit Oxford University

A Student’s View of the Oxford University Visit

Our visit to Oxford definitely gave all of us an exceptional insight into the day-today life of a student.  It was clear that being at Oxford was not just about studying and exams but also about having a community of like-minded people around you.

We enjoyed a tour of Oxford University Exeter College campus and a Humanities taster lecture.  We also talked to student ambassadors throughout the day about their courses and the university in general from both an academic and non- academic point of view, which was the best part of the day for me as the students gave us an honest unbiased opinion of life at Oxford.

It was a great day and I think I speak for all us when I say that it was really enjoyable and informative.

                                                         Ariadna Bazaga

After seeing the James Wilton Dance Company perform in Exeter last year, GCSE and A Level students got the chance to participate in a very challenging workshop with two of the dancers from the company. Working in the styles of physical theatre and contact, all the students were put through their paces and ended the day with some stunning duets that they will use as part of their exam work next year

College Dancers work With James Wilton Dance Company

Year 7 Footballers Enjoy Meeting Exeter City Players at Training Session

Year 7 Footballers were given the opportunity to watch Exeter City first team train. The boys were chosen for an excellent start to their life at the college. The session was run by Paul Tisdale and Steve Perryman who answered numerous questions and talked about their roles at the club.
Thank you for a wonderful opportunity Exeter City.

Year nine students were given the opportunity to visit the laboratories at the world class RILD building at Wonford Hospital.

Students were selected by their science teachers, one from each class as a reward for effort shown. Here is what two students had to say about their experience:

“When we went to the Exeter Medical School we were given an introductory talk which explained that a crime had been committed and that we must gather evidence!!

Our first activity was to investigate blood! We learned how important it was to measure how healthy our blood was by looking at pressure, sugar levels and pulse rate. It was interesting to take our own measurements and to see how all the machines worked.  

We then discovered a lot about DNA like the different layers and how to spot a mutation. After that we went to see a man who knew everything about yeast. He showed us the differences between normal and mutated yeast cells and then let us use the top spec microscopes ourselves.

The day was fascinating from start to finish and I can’t believe we got to go in and work in the labs that actual world class scientists conducted their research in!!! Overall it was an extremely informative and enjoyable day and we would love to visit again. Finally we are very thankful to all those at the University of Exeter and Exeter Medical School for making it possible.”


By Saphira Myrie and Josh Lane

Men in White!!!!

Ex Post 16 Students  return to catch up with their teachers

We've had some really inspiring visitors recently. Paige and Morgan, who are doing brilliantly in the Swansea Chemistry course, came back to thank Dr Gelling and advise students, while Ben came back to show us all his commonwealth games medal!!!!

Visitors come from Hong Kong to see how we teach STEM subjects and manage a large school - and they are impressed.

We were extremely fortunate to welcome visitors from Hong Kong into college for three days (26th, 27th & 30th April). The purpose of their visit was to see how Exmouth Community College teach STEM subjects and to also gain an understanding of how such a large scale school runs.

The team of visitors was made up of five teachers, one University Lecturer and one official from the Bureau of Education in Hong Kong. The teachers worked with teachers from the college by observing them teach, planning a lesson and either team teaching or solo teaching our students. There were also plenty of opportunities to share ideas and experiences during break and lunchtime. Whilst the teachers worked in the Science, Maths, ICT and Design Technology departments, the others met with Heads of Department and senior staff, Mrs Miles, Mr Allen, Mr Turner and Mr Davis - to discuss ideas about education and the similarities and differences in the way the schools in the two countries run.

Our visitors were fascinated by our school and thoroughly enjoyed meeting our staff and hearing about all the exciting work that goes on, in and outside of college. They were especially excited to see science lessons taking place outside and to learn that we offer such an array of opportunities in extra curricular areas. The most pleasing observation from the visitors was that they all felt our students were naturally engaged in their learning without enforcement from the teacher which they thought was due to teachers building good relationships with their students, and developing an atmosphere conducive to learning. They were also extremely complimentary about how friendly and polite our students and staff were around site and in class. They said that it was so nice to be thanked for giving their help in lesson time and how impressed they were by our students' confidence when they met a panel of of them to answer questions about life in a school in Hong Kong.

It was fascinating to hear the differences in our education systems and understanding the emphasis schools in Hong Kong put on technology in learning. They could not believe how our staff hold the attention of our students for an hour or even two without the use of an iPad or E-learning Apps! 

We feel really lucky to have had 3 days to share ideas and learn about a school life in a different country, and look forward to working with the teachers from Hong Kong in the future!  Thank you to all the staff who gave up their free time to help make the visit such a success.

Grass Track Cycle Stars

On Thursday 24th May Year 7 and 8 Grass Track Cycle teams raced brilliantly to secure a place in the Devon Championships Final in July. Year 7 won their competition with stunning victories over both Kings School and Colyton Grammar whilst Year 8 came a very close second narrowly beaten by Colyton. Congratulations to both teams who worked extremely hard and raced with a great deal of skill and determination.

Year 8 Students on French Trip  Visit

Château de la Baudonnière

n the 29th April, twenty nine excited Year 8 students set off for the Château de la Baudonnière in Normandy, France. The journey was smooth and the time soon passed however on arrival in France the heavens opened. Fortunately, that did not deter our students and they quickly settled into life at the Château.

Taking part in various activities; fencing, climbing, archery, bread making, orienteering and treasure hunts, all in French, did not faze anyone and their understanding of the language was phenomenal. The ‘Talent show’ is always a great experience and we were proud that Kirsty Robinson won a certificate for playing a song by Adele on the piano that soon had the audience singing along.

Two days were spent off site exploring. The first trip we went on was to Arromanches and the 360◦ cinema where we watched an amazing film about the Second World War; this was followed with a trip to the American cemetery and then back to Omaha beach. The second off-site visit was to the market in Dinan, the town twinned with Exmouth, and then a historical tour of Mont St. Michel.

As always, it was sad to leave the Château but it’s never goodbye, just “see you next year.”

I would like to thank the staff that accompanied me on the trip and to the students who were brilliant and received many compliments for their conduct, participation and manner whilst we were away.

On Wednesday the 25th of April the Careers Department hosted the biggest careers fair yet!

It was a truly fantastic evening and an opportunity for students, parents, carers and the wider community to talk to over seventy exhibitors and explore future career options.  

The fair boasted a range of stands representing the military, further and higher education, apprenticeships, local and national companies and companies in growth areas.

The Careers Department would like to thank all the exhibitors who took the time to come and meet with our students and for answering hundreds of questions.

Feedback from all those who attend has been extremely positive and the exhibitors were incredibly impressed by the maturity and interest shown by the students of ECC.

If anyone would like further assistance following the Careers fair then please call into the Careers office and see either Mrs Jacobs or Mrs Westcott-Wolstenholme

Ten Tors 2018: the Challenge: an unassisted 35 mile trek over Dartmoor.

Our students should be very proud of their achievement.

Exmouth Community College Year 10 students celebrated success at the weekend after completing the annual Ten Tors Challenge 2018!

The teams spent the winter months training for the event. The poor weather back in November set the precedence for the training season ahead and the teams experienced some of the worst weather conditions to date. Despite this, they persevered, and every month returned with a new vigour and determination to carry on.

On Saturday May 12 morning, the cannons fired to start the event and the teams set off in high spirits. The weather conditions were finally favourable as they began their unassisted 35 mile hike over Dartmoor. On the first day, they made it to their tors and set up camp all in good time.  

On Sunday morning, with a renewed energy, the first team came in at a very respectable time of 11.30am swiftly followed by the second team at 11.45am. Each student was then presented with a medal. Their hard work and determination had been rewarded.  Well done!

The participants for the Ten Tors Challenge 2018 were:-

Team F:

Liam O’Brien, Jules Roberts, Oliver Close, Griffin Howard, Thomas Hewett, Callum Smith

Team G:

Ieuan Brockway, Holly Glynn, Rory Craib, Oliver Escott, Ben Lucas, Josh Mahoney.

Also, a huge shout-out to Lynn Tisbury and Jez Turner for their leadership out on Dartmoor. Without their willingness to volunteer, none of these students would be taking part in this amazing event.

College Teacher, 
John Panton, 
Releases New Film:
“The Surveyor”


"Exmouth College teacher and film maker John Panton has written and directed a spooky new short, Surveyor. The film stars Mike Wozniak (from C4’s Man Down) and Alex Winters (of CBeebies fame) joining regular collaborators Aidan Casey (Sleigh) and Katie Villa (Line Signal). Aidan, a former student from the college, plays the surveyor in question, realising that the house he’s working in may not be as derelict as he initially thinks.....

The supernatural film was shot at the incredibly atmospheric 18thC Poltimore House on the outskirts of Exeter. The charity trust that runs the property has been tremendously supportive, with special thanks to the chair of the trust, Ashley Fawcett, for being so committed to the project.

Past and present students from the college also worked on the film, including Daniel Evans, Oliver Squires, Milena Watts, Oliver Bateman and Dale Pendlebury. Staff also contributed their time during the production, with Head of Media Tom Stanier recording sound and head of post-16 English Alasdair McCombe taking behind-the-scenes photos.

Composer Nick Harvey (C4’s Hunted) created the dramatic score with graphic designer Jeremy Marshall creating the poster and titles/credits. The film has been supported by executive producers including artist Moose Allain, Matt Tiller (Drunk History) and film maker Carl Shanahan (Crave). The film is a companion piece to Line Signal, with the final film of the ‘hi-vis ghost’ trilogy currently being developed.

The film is available to watch now online, plus the film will be submitted to various film festivals around the world."

Devon Tramopline Champions!

On Friday 20th April 16 students went to Cranbrook school for the annual Devon inter-school Trampolining competition. As reigning champions the pressure was on! Despite a few tense moments, the hard work paid off and Exmouth were victorious once again, with students being awarded medals in every category both as teams and individuals and being crowned overall winners. Students performed brilliantly, showcasing their skills and well rehearsed routines, they were a credit to the College and did their coach (Nicky Grimes) and PE teachers proud!

A fantastic result, well done!

U13 Novice - 3rd overall

Amelia Williams (2nd individual)

Fleur Larrson

Daniel Coe

Mia Cranmer

U13 Advanced - 1st overall

James Brown (2nd individual)

Wilfred Laney-Hubbard

Jack Macdonald-Brown

Lily Woodward

U15 Novice - 1st overall

Macy Clark (1st individual)

Molly Maclellan (2nd individual)

Freya Cranmer

Holly Hales

U15 Advanced - 1st overall

Amelia Bowmer (2nd individual)

Ged Ryden (3rd individual)

Finn Doyle-Scott

Our U13 Girls Cricket Team Meet

World Beating England

Women Cricketers

The Under 13 girls cricket team had a wonderful opportunity to meet the current world champions and be involved in a training session. The squad were invited to Wellington school where they met players, asked questions, watched a game and took part in a strength and conditioning exercise. Mr Taylor would like to thank Wellington school and England captain Heather Knight for a once in a lifetime opportunity for the girls.

One very happy Rebecca Squires after her 2nd place in the Junior Girls 200m at the SW Schools Championships and a PB of 25:95 secs!! She has now qualified for the ESAA Championships in Birmingham in a few weeks time.

Rebecca Qualifies for ESAA Championships!

Chloe Raises funds for Children's Hospice South West

Chloe Hopkins, Yr 10, organised a cake sale in the library on Tuesday to help raise much needed funds for Children's Hospice South West. The sale was well attended by staff and pupils and raised nearly £50. Thank you to all those who donated cakes to sell. Well done Chloe!

If you would like to know how you can help raise money for this very deserving charity please visit their website.

College Cadets Pass Out Parade

Congratulations to all those students in yr 9 and 10 who celebrated all their hard work last night with an impressive pass out parade. Students demonstrated in front of family, friends and local dignitaries all they had learnt over the year.

The display included their impressive drill skills and then they acted out an arson attack on a house, putting out the fire, administering first aid and finally an arrest and conviction.

Students were presented with awards and certificates and have achieved an ASDAN qualification. Special thanks must go to the Police service, Fire service and also the town council for supporting this very worthy scheme which enriches the lives of those young students involved.

Year 10 & 11 Students Gain Small Animal Care Qualification

Year 10 and 11 students with their Small Animal Level 1 and 2 qualifications. They celebrated their success with an awards ceremony. Congratulations to everyone involved and thank you to the TA's for their outstanding support with the groups.

Reading Success Rewarded!

Students and staff celebrated the momentous reading achievements of over 75 pupils at ECC this week! All year, pupils have been quizzing away to collect as many Accelerated Reader points as possible and yesterday they got to celebrate in style with Mufti, movies, popcorn and Dominoes pizza!

A huge 'Well Done' has to go out to the ALL the pupils who have worked so hard this year and an even bigger THANK YOU from to our wonderful Library staff who are simply sensational and work so hard for our pupils. We would also like to give a big shout out to Chris at Dominoes Pizza here in Exmouth - we think you are fantastic and what a feast you provided: thank you so much!

We're all looking forward to next year already!

Stunning Art , Photography and Textiles on Display

Post 16 Students exhibited their examination work for a week beginning 25 June.

A Level Art & Design, Photography and Textiles projects were on show in the Telfer building. There was a formal opening of the exhibition with Mr Davis welcoming the many guests for the show.


A Level Art

Gold, Silver and Bronze for Exmouth Students in UK Mathematics Trust Junior Challenge 2018

The UKMT Maths Challenges are lively, intriguing papers designed to stimulate interest in maths. They are tests of reasoning and mental agility which can be taken without any special preparation or revision.

The Junior Challenges are aimed at the top students in Year 7 and Year 8.  Of the 68 Exmouth Community College students that took part this year, 2 achieved Gold, 8 Silver and 20 Bronze.  One student also went through to the European Kangaroo Round.  We were very proud of their achievements.

Carnegie Award Shortlist Shadowing Presentations.

On Thursday 13th June a group of year 9 students made the short trip to Stover School, Newton Abbott, for the Annual shadowing competition.

Seven schools were in attendance. After an enjoyable and entertaining talk from Mitch Johnson, author of ‘Kick’ - pictured with the ECC team-  the Competition got underway. The Exmouth team waited excitedly for their turn to present ‘The Hate You Give’, a Young adult novel about a girl who is choosing between her life in a gang ridden neighbourhood and her life at her predominantly white prep school. Themes of equality, racism and class feature strongly in this gripping novel from Angie Thomas.

Our team’s  presentation was very strong with some excellent acting recreating the interrogation scene from the book.

Participant, Saphira Myrie said, ‘It was very nerve wracking at first, as we were performing in front of a large crowd. However, as we performed I really enjoyed myself and I’m very thankful I got the opportunity to do this!’.

All schools then voted for the presentation most likely to make them want to read the book. Exmouth were delighted to be placed 2nd! The competition was very strong with excellent presentations all round. Many thanks to Stover school for hosting and  Mrs Burrows and Ms Messer for organising the college team members - Emily Freer, Lilly Allen, Saphira Myrie, Olivia Rowley, Sarah Reynolds, Erin Bruce, Matie Ficken, Abbey Jobson and Lucy Rose.