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Big Buffalo Riders Change a Life.


£200 Raised for Cancer Research by ASDAN Students

ASDAN students raised over £200 for Cancer Research by doing a cycle marathon. The students are studying for their Certificate of Personal Effectiveness and are required to work in a team to show their skills in working with others. The students excelled themselves by organising the whole event and cycling for two hours. A special thanks to Miss Nichols who also took part and contributed to the fundraising.

Over £1890 raised for Sport Relief!

Students and staff raised a large sum for Sport Relief through mufti and a range of other events.

As we arrived at Seville airport the sun was setting. Eagerly awaiting our arrival at the airport were the Spanish students and their families. They gave us the feeling of celebrity status which was really special.

Having arrived on the Friday night, the English students were able to spend the weekend with their exchange students getting to know their Spanish families. Most had the chance to visit Seville or other parts of the region.

On Monday, we arrived at the school ready to begin our time together. During our week in Seville, we were fortunate enough to visit the Mezquita in Cordoba where Mr Shand gave us all an amazing commentary.

Spanish Exchange to Seville

Another visit included a tour of Cadiz and a visit to the beach. We also visited The Reales Alcazares, or for the Game of Thrones followers, The City of Dorne. Finally, on the Friday, we visited the Roman city of Italica and its magnificent amphitheatre.

This year we also took part in their annual talent show performing a song, accompanied by Mr Shand on his ukulele, with Serena Dyke singing the verses and a personalised verse in Spanish written by Mrs Parsons.

We look forward to welcoming the Spanish to Exmouth at the end of April.    

C Gibbons     

The Forth Bridge is a cantilever railway bridge over the Firth of Forth in the east of Scotland. It was designed by the English engineers Sir John Fowler and Sir Benjamin Baker.  The bridge is built on the principle of the cantilever . In order to illustrate the use of tension and compression in the bridge, a demonstration in 1887 had the Japanese engineer Kaichi Watanabe supported between Fowler and Baker sitting in chairs. An iconic photograph was taken.:

As part of the Post 16 study of Mechanics in Further Mathematics we have been studying frameworks and have recreated this image. Pictured are Matthew Jackson on the left with Joyce Tang, supported, and George Collett on the right. Our thanks to the Technology Dept for materials and supports, Drama Dept for furniture, Media for photography, caretakers for the bricks and Charlotte Mellor, beards!  

Further Maths Students Address Mechanics of Cantilever Bridges - and wear false beards!

Students from Germany Enjoy Exchange Trip to Exmouth

The students from our partner school in Germany, the Albrecht Ernst Gymnasium in Oettingen in Bavaria have just spent another successful week with us here in Exmouth. Twelve students accompanied by their two teachers Herr Hüttinger and Frau Fall arrived at Bristol airport on Saturday 12th March and arrived at the college in the early evening where they were collected by their partners. It was an exciting moment as both German and English were heard being spoken as they were welcomed to Devon.

The remainder of the weekend was spent with families before a tour of the school and visits to lessons on the Monday. They were also able to explore Exmouth a little, including its history and shopping opportunities. Tuesday saw them heading to Torquay to visit Living Coasts before Wednesday's joint visit to Dartmoor.  For the second year running the weather was not looking good as we left Exmouth, but things soon brightened up and we were able to visit Buckfast Abbey and

Widdecombe in the Moor before a short walk at Hay Tor, where the views were good and certain students were seen skipping down the the path singing "Follow the yellow brick road." There was also time to drop into the House of Marbles before returning to college for 3pm. Thursday was the last day out for the German students and they discovered the delights of Exeter before returning to pack for the return journey. Exmouth students also organised evening events for the group including the opportunity for the whole group and additional guests to go bowling. A fantastic time was had by all and we are looking forward to going to Oettingen on 6th April.

French Exchange 2016

Two weeks before the Easter holiday we received a visit from 20 French students and their 2 teachers, Mme Intem and Mme Moreau, from our French exchange school in Blois in the Loire Valley. The French students each stayed with a partner from Exmouth College, and they were entertained by the families and by a programme of activities throughout the school week. The highlights seemed to be visiting Exeter, Dartmoor in the sunshine, as well as having a tour of Living Coasts in Torquay (and shopping there!). The English and French students also arranged a variety of events outside of school in the evenings for themselves, and they all enjoyed meeting up all together for a final evening of bowling.

We made the return visit to the French school – Notre Dame des Aydes the week before the Easter holiday. The French families and school reciprocated in entertaining our students and the school arranged a varied programme of activities during the school week. A highlight seemed to be the day trip to Amboise, which included visiting the castle, some free time in the town and a visit of Leonardo de Vinci’s final residence, Clos Lucé.  We also enjoyed visiting the castles of Blois and Chambord, using the school language laboratory and also, a treasure hunt and quiz in mixed teams of French and English students.

Our students really enjoyed the experience of taking part in the exchange and all feel that they have learnt a lot to do with the French way of life and the language. Many can’t wait to go back and some already have plans to do so!!

Miss Davies, Mr Wiliams and Mrs Waistell would like to add how well behaved our students were, and how well they coped with using the foreign language and adapting to a different way of life. We were very proud of them! (And we met the ex-Exmouth college student, Claire Haestier again, as she was running the on-board entertainment on the ferry on our return journey again this year).

Britain Needs Scientists

On Wednesday 16th March a party of Year 11 Most Able students were invited to University of Exeter to investigate the realities of further study and careers in science. With the demand for talented scientists ever increasing in the UK and across the world, the students were treated to a wonderful Science Fair featuring  topics as diverse as astrophysics, nutrition, geological predictions and environmental management. Three speakers told the students about their experiences as science students at university, each explaining that they took an alternative route to their current study showing the students that they can change their minds about what they want to do at universitry  and that science opens unusual doors. Finally the students participated in a speed dating type event with post graduates circulating tables of students, discussing their fields of research and allowing the students to ask questions.

Miss Penzer was delighted with the enthusiasm shown by the Year 11s, and the students came out with a really good idea of how science research is structured. They unanimously felt that a career in science is something that they are seriously considering.

STEM and You at University of Plymouth

On Friday 18th March over 60 Year 9 and 10 Science and Maths students attended the University of Plymouth for British Science week. The aim of this visit was to inspire GCSE level pupils to understand the opportunities and excitement that these subjects provide, and to see the numerous career paths that link to them. After an initial lecture entitled “Surprising Maths”, the students were then split into groups to partake in interactive STEM workshops, run by current University undergraduates, post-graduates and lecturers. From robotics, the Maths of drone design, the Science of emergency medicine and renewable energy, the students were amazed by the breadth of applications for Science and Maths. Coupled with the opportunity for students to question University researchers on the realities of careers in Science this event ensured pupils could see the relevance of these GCSE studies to all aspects of everyday careers and experiences.

Romans at Rockbourne

On 14th April, Exmouth's Year 7 Classicists visited Rockbourne Roman Villa in Hampshire. During the day, the students had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including: artefact handling, drama activities, museum curatorship and Roman ink printing. They also took a tour of the villa's archaeological site.

The trip gave pupils the opportunity to see something of the real Roman world and take a hands-on approach to their Latin studies.

Ms. Reid, Head of Classics, said, "This was an excellent educational experience for Year 7 students and was the first time that the school has visited Rockbourne villa. It was delightful to see the children enjoying themselves and interacting so well with Roman history. Well done, Year 7!"

In the second week of the Easter holidays 25 A level Physics students spent three days in Geneva. Whilst there they had the exciting opportunity to visit the World famous CERN research centre home of the Large Hadron collider. During the visit the students learnt more of the work of the centre and about how to create and capture anti matter and then react it with matter and anti matter as well as how the data generated from such experiments was stored and analysed.
The next day the students visited the Institute for Plasma research at Lausanne, where they visited the institute's Tokamak experiment and learnt about the work being undertaken into the production and control of deuterium plasma at temperatures exceeding that of the sun. This work being part of a European wide project is to ultimately produce nuclear fusion reactors. This was followed by a visit to the ICT discovery centre where the students had a talk about the way international communications satellites orbits and internet frequencies are allocated and coordinated.
The students also had a visit to, and guided tour around the old town as well as free time to visit the exclusive shops and sights of Geneva.  The students were accompanied by Dr Gelling, Miss Penzer and Mr Wright.

A Level Physics Students Visit CERN: Geneva

The Under 12 Football squad are having an excellent season and secured their first trophy winning the East Devon Cup, 4-1 against Kings.

Under 12 Football Team (Boys) Win East Devon Cup!!

The U12's Girl's Football team were successful at the County Cup Finals and won the cup. Well done girls!

Under 12 Football Team (Girls) are County Cup Winners!

Robiel Gebrieyonas is in year 11, he started at the college in mid March and he is slowly learning English. During a two week project with Mr Greaves  he made a fantastic working clock which shows the Eritrean flag, the country of his birth.

Rabiel Settles Into College

Joe Froggatt, year 12 student, recently built a 5x4 inch large format camera for the photography department. The department had purchased the camera in kit form, but had not yet got round to the painstaking task of assembling it. Joe took the kit home, painted the individual wooden pieces black, and assembled it over a couple of weeks. The finished camera takes a pinhole lens as well as many other lenses for large format cameras, and is capable of a wide range of movements unobtainable with a 'fixed body' camera.

Joe Froggatt Builds Camera!

The Winners of the Y7 Egg Race were Becca Squires and Hazel Joyce with a distance of 11.7M. Second place was Kye Bond with a distance of 11.3M.(Pictured)  Third place was Eva Squires and Millie Dymond with a distance of 9.2M. The winner of the Y8 Science week competition was: Jake Moses, 8HT in 8C2. Second was: Ellie-Mae Brunt in 8A5  Third was: Patrick Torres in 8B4.

Great Egg Race Winners

A wonderful awards ceremony took place on Wednesday 13 April. These were not academic awards: they were to recognise students who are inspirational in some way and who had been nominated by staff.

The ceremony took place at the college in the Telfer Common Room. Parents, family, friends and representatives of the college attended this inspirational evening. The evening was hosted and organised by Jenna Burnett, Open Door Ice Project leader, and the awards were presented by Mr AK Alexander, Principal.

This is the second year these awards have been presented and we are sure that the event will now become a regular feature of the college year.

Students who received awards were: Ben Baldock, Bethany Lambart, Angel Miller, Oliver Smith, Fuchsia Middleton, Finlay Webb, Cameron Ross, Kerry Minty, Marshall Elliot, Aidan Sansom, Chloe Bayliss and ciara Mclauchlin, Miro Beckett, Joshua Arbury, Conrad Tuckey, Adam Parkinson, Sam Davies, Maisy Lambart and Lily Rochester, Katie Blyth, Chloe Brooks Herbert, Cally Tomkins, Charlotte Covell, Shannon Smithers, Jordan Freeman, Mo Cheber, Josh Brown.   


Awards for Inspirational Students

Will got his first National series entry on reserve very late on Friday night. Even though he is  in the Olympic Development Academy he does not have automatic racing rights in the National series so this was a major opportunity.

Will  did amazingly well breaking the field. His coach had a target of 15th based on the form but Will broke away in the last five and "held" the break, which unfortunately left him little ‘in the tank’ for the finish sprint: but he achieved a national place of fourth out of a large field of riders!  Brilliant. Well done Will.

Will Tidball Races in Sunderland: he is now 4th nationally!

Magic and Maths Engages Students

Maths students were totally engaged with the latest visiting expert to work in the department.  This expert was somewhat different, however, being a magician.  Using cards and other props he entertained and amazed classes with his “magic” which all could be explained through number and probability.

Over Easter, a selection of our AS and A2 Photography students displayed work at the National Trust property A La Ronde, in Summer Lane. On display was a wide variety of images ranging from Landscape photographs depicting American National Parks and Pictorialist style images of the English countryside, to experimental abstract imagery on the theme of Nature. A spokesperson for A La Ronde commented:

"Your photography exhibition was very well received at A la Ronde again this year. An interesting mixture of photography that was enjoyed by all of our visitors and added to the enjoyment of their visit."

Photography Students Exhibit Work at A La Ronde

Mr Perry and Mrs Carter, who curated the exhibit, expressed how pleased they were with the calibre of work produced by these talented individuals, and are looking forward to seeing this and much more at the annual Art and Photogaphy exhibition later this term. The photography staff would also like to thank A La Ronde for once again allowing students to exhibit in their unique venue.

Clare Completes London Marathon & Raises £4000!

Member of staff Clare Babbage celebrates finishing the London Marathon in 4 hrs 16 minutes. In the process she raised £4000 for the Lullaby Trust, the leading charity for research into preventing cot death and supporting bereaved families. Clare ran in memory of her first son, Harry. Sincere congratulations to Clare.

Mrs Oaks-Ash has been impressed by the attitude and application of her Post 16 Biology class who are shown setting up an experiment to test the effect of spices on bacteria.

Impressive Biology Students

Fantastic Lunchtime Concert

Chloe Brooks-Herbert and friends presented short concert during the lunch break on 22 April.  The standard of performance was quite superb and the audience in the packed hall were totally engaged with the songs.   The concert was free but Chloe asked for donations in aid of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Fantastic.

Mrs Boswell’s students (7LAW) have been writing to their French counterparts in Talence, near Bordeaux, France. Some of their work can be seen displayed behind the class picture. As well as exchanging gifts at Christmas, the class has sent information about Exmouth: the students are learning to talk about where they live, in French. A former student from Exmouth, Aaron Sansom, has helped set up the link.

Communicating with real people who speak another language helps develop language skills and makes the lessons have a context in which to place learning.

Students Have French Pen Pals

Year 7 Maths Students Face Post 16 Business Dragons!

Year 7 Mathematics students presented their entrepreneurial ideas to create and sell mathematics related products to year 13 Business students.  Each group presented their ideas with diagrams and drawings with special reference to how the product would help the user develop their mathematical skills.  Year 13 Business Students and Head of Business, Mr Wagner, played the role of Dragons in the Den, giving feedback on each idea presented.

The college took early advantage of the micro:bit initiative and since October in anticipation of the arrival of micro:bit hardware much of the Computing & ICT curriculum in Key Stage 3 has been based around it.

The Micro:bit initiative is the brainchild of the BBC working with a number of leading organisations such as Microsoft and the University of Lancaster. They want to recapture the influence that their BBC B computer had in educating pupils in the 1980’s. To do this they have provided extensive and well thought out resources that are freely available on the Internet. The BBC have also pledged to give every current year 7 pupil a micro:bit computer of their own to take home and use creatively, Their hope is that this will stimulate learning to fill the widening shortage in digital skills in this country.  Micro:bits are computers that have a lot of features, such as a compass and motion detector, all packed onto a small circuit board slightly smaller than a credit card.

Micro:bits are coming to Exmouth Community College!

They are backed up by wealth of on-line support materials such translator tools to program the on-board computer, learning ideas, videos and interactive tutorials.It is clear that the BBC have started a hugely ambitious and impressive project which is already proving to be a very effective aid in helping our teachers to address some of the more challenging aspects when teaching the new national curriculum in Computing. The small quantity micro:bits that the BBC have given the school in advance have generated a lot of interest and excitement and the pupils can’t wait to get their hands on one of their own when the BBC deliver on their pledge.

It is well worth finding out more about micro:bits: just click

College Cricket Teams Start Season Well

The college teams have started their season well with one victory and a close last over defeat to West Buckland. The win against Uffculme was a superb performance and will be heading to Shebbear College in the next round. The teams are kindly sponsored by "Ideal Cleaners". Over the summer the teams are entered into 3 competitions, including the new paired cup. Training is every Wednesday with new players welcome. Mr Lowe and Mr Taylor will be running the sessions. Pictures attached: Under 13's and 15's in their new college kit. Match pictures are from the fixture at West Buckland.

Year 7 Football Team Train with Exeter City

The Year 7 Football squad were invited by Steve Perryman, Exeter City's Football Director to spend a morning with their first team. The boys watched fitness, tactical and match preparation. It was a wonderful insight for the team to see what it takes to become a professional footballer and how their training sessions work. The students were given the opportunity to get autographs and photos with the players at the end of the session. The Year 7 team have had an excellent season, winning one cup, reaching the last 16 of the National Cup and Semi finalists of their final competition. Steve supports many events at the college which we are most grateful. Steve said, "the boys were perfect guests, with discipline and excellent manners". Well done to all!! Mr Taylor is looking forward to working with the team in September when training will start again.

A particular highlight of the night (for everyone – including the staff!) was to try your hand at weather presenting with the Met Office!

If anyone would like further assistance following the Careers Fair then please call into the Careers office. Our thanks go to  Mrs Westcott-Wolstenholme and Mrs Jacobs who did a wonderful job organising this valuable event for our students and the community.                

Careers Fair a Hit with the Crowds and the Exhibitors.

What a fantastic evening it was to explore your options for the future! Over  sixty exhibitors/advisors attended the biannual Careers Fair which was well attended by students, parents, local residents and also students from nearby colleges and schools.

The Careers Dept. would like to thank all the exhibitors who took the time to come and meet with the students and for answering the hundreds of questions which continued unabated throughout the event!

The fair boasted a range of stands advising on careers as diverse as the military, further education, apprenticeships, degree courses (ten universities attended), employment with local and national companies - and companies in growth areas.


Work Based Students Conquer Snowdon

The work base programme at Exmouth Community College has always been an 'experience lead' course and to that end the students wanted to finish their year with a big challenge. They went to Mr Alexander and asked if he would support a trip to climb Snowdon and he was delighted to give his blessing.

The students planned, costed and booked all the elements themselves. The party left school on a Thursday at about 10am and after a long eight hour journey arrived at the Penn y Pass youth hostel at about 6pm. While the students unpacked and got ready for dinner Mr Bishop went to check the route planned for the next day and having run to the top found a section of snow that he thought could prove hazardous to the students on their decent so after a discussion with the vastly experienced team at the centre a change of route was decided upon for the next day.

The students had breakfast at the youth hostel and then set off to the start of the Llanberis track which, although a longer route, avoided the snow covered section. After a long day of mostly laughing, sweating (and the odd tear!) all the fifteen students made it to the top on a misty and cold, but thankfully, dry day.

The long journey home now started and they finally arrived home in Exmouth at about midnight.  The students did the school proud and were very grateful to Mr Alexander for allowing them the opportunity to experience such a wonderful trip.

More than 40 students were given a unique hands-on learning experience when they visited the University’s Streatham Campus in Exeter, as part of the four-day residential course, organised and delivered by educational charity The Smallpeice Trust.  During the event, which ran from 14-17 April, the 13 and 14 year-old (Year 9) students learnt about the different aspects of the field of Artificial Intelligence including talking robots, otherwise known as ‘catboats.

Students worked in small teams to develop their own computer program that they then tested for intelligence. The students also discovered the methods machines of the future may use to learn about their environments and make decisions for themselves. The social programme, sponsored by the University, included a film night, sports activities and a formal dinner and disco.”

Here is an account of the course by Connor Harris

Day 1 Upon arrival, we checked in and were given our lanyards and stationary equipment.We then went over to the Harrison Building to have a welcome address and information about the small piece trust. After that, we had a tour around the campus and learnt lots of things about the University of Exeter. Following this, we got to meet everyone by doing various activities and then we had lunch. We then met our team members and played some games whilst having a couple of lectures before having tea and going out for sports night in which we played badminton, table tennis and football. It was great fun! We then went back to our rooms and relaxed before lights out at 10:30 ready for an early start tomorrow!

Day 2  On the second day, we woke up at about 7:30 ready for breakfast. After this, we went to the Harrison Building to start off 1 of our 2 projects. This project was called ‘Robocode.’  Robocode is a game where you program little tanks to move around and fire at other tanks using JavaScript. It was very good as you had to think of a strategy that might be good for 1 versus 1 but not necessarily for all versus all. We then came back and played some pool before going out and watching the Martian which was a very good film.

Day 3  On the third day, we started the main project which was to build a Lego Mindstorms robot around the path of an unknown maze. Our robot had a ski on the back with two wheels which worked well with the 2 test mazes. We also had to create a presentation to present to everyone on the fourth day. My team split into smaller groups; Matt and I worked on the robot and programming and the other members did the presentation and the posters.   We then came back and got changed for our formal dinner. The food was very nice and the disco was good. The dinner was very formal as every wore smart clothes and we got put into seats with people we do not know. Then during the disco, Zacch, Zoe and I were talking to some friends we made who live up in Stoke On Trent. Then we came back and went to bed.

Day 4  Today was the day that we had to present our robots and do a presentation about all the things we had done and learnt on the course. We also did the maze but unfortunately our robot did not complete the maze as it was quite challenging; however, we came 3rd overall and Zacch’s team came first. We also said goodbye to our friends that we made but are hoping to see them on another course soon! This course was very fun and I would definitely do it again!

Students attend an Artificial Intelligence Course

Will Tidball continues his Cycling Success

On Saturday the 6 May Will Tidball  made his way to Reading for the 2nd Omnium in the National Qualifiers. This was a three region battle between the South West, Wales and the South East. Only five riders from the South West can qualify for the National Track Championships- held later this year- so Saturday’s event was really important. Will was 1st or 2nd in every race but one, where he scored 3rd having being boxed in on the sprint!

The  20 lap (18.5Km) points race at the end of the event proved to be Wills saving grace moving him from 2nd to 1st overall.  Brilliant!

Ten Tors Conquered by College Team!

At the start.

Ready to go.

The College thirty five mile Ten Tors team was successful on the weekend of 7 & 8 May, coming in just after 12:30pm. on Sunday. The photographs show the team at 6:30am, just before the start of the event and as they finish and receive their medals
The students have trained consistently and rigorously over the last five months, and deserve to reap the rewards of that hard work and commitment.

Anya Coles (Team Leader), Emily Day, Katie Down, Megan Nelmes, George Mead and Sam Moxham.

Sadly Emily Day was unable to finish due to hip pain but she managed over 20 miles on Saturday, but she had to retire due to her injury. Even though she didn't complete the challenge, it was still a significant achievement.

Just Finished

Presentation of Medals

See the full gallery of pictures  & video

7JK Winners of Bench Ball Tournament

On May 11 the Level 2 Sport BTEC students ran an inter tutor group bench ball tournament as part of their course. Over a 100 Year 7 students attended. The winners were 7JK, in second place were 7DBF and third place went to 7PS.

The BTEC boys did a fantastic job at running the event very professionally and as a result everyone had an enjoyable tournament full of action and fun.

For almost twenty years, Peter Hills from the Tearfund charity has been visiting Exmouth Community College to teach Year 7 Geography students about his experiences of working with Development projects, particularly in East Africa.

To thank him for his efforts and to support the types of projects they have been learning about, all of Year 7 were set the challenge to gather up as much loose change as they could find. Then, at the end of March, they laid out these coins in the College hall to show just how much change could be spared or rescued from down the back of sofas or random window sills everywhere. It is amazing how much otherwise discarded money can be put to a better use.

On the 13th of March, Peter returned to the College and was presented with the incredible sum of £392.27 - fortunately presented as a cheque and not a sack of coins!

Well done to everybody in Year 7 for a fantastic effort.

£392.27 for Tearfund Charity

Students created trails of coins in the main hall to raise money for Tearfund, a charity which works internationally supporting those in poverty. The event was organised by Mr Eynon

Jansen McCord Makes Amazing Animation for Media Course

Jansen McCord, Year 13, made this amazing animated video for his Media coursework.

An artist draws a stickman into reality and allows his creation to explore its new world

This animation was produced as part of his College Media Studies course. All in all it took around 6 months to complete from the storyboard to the final cut, using the software Autodesk 3ds Max for the CGI, Adobe After Effects to composite and Adobe Audition for the audio.

The film was inspired by Alan Becker in Animator vs. Animation (2006) and the jazzy, stylised action of Shinichiro Watanabe's Cowboy Bebop.

Jansen filmed this short film at College  and completed the rest at home, from modelling and rigging the characters and props to compositing the computer generated elements into their real life settings. The audio design was produced using royalty free effects and his own recorded foley, ambience and sounds. The music featured is Mushroom Hunting by Yoko Kanno & the Seatbelts, owned by record label Victor Entertainment. This is a non-profit production intended for education purposes.

On Friday 13th May, Mrs. Hardman accompanied six Year 7 students to Plymouth University to take part in the Institute of Engineering and Technology’s (IET) Faraday Challenge Day.  The day gave students the opportunity to research, design and make solutions to genuinely tough engineering problems. The students had to be creative and use their own problem solving skills to explore their capabilities as engineers.

The Exmouth Community College team consisted of Eloise Escott, Charlie Forster, Lewie McLauchlin, Alissia Dormer, Effie Preston and Fynn Colvin all of 7BET. They were introduced to the Challenge and told they had to design a new technology that would either help with travel, health, sport or home/leisure. The team chose health and designed a monitor to test for epilepsy. They were given 10 minutes to brainstorm  ideas and then were introduced to BBC Micro:bit Touch Develop:  this is part of their current curriculum in Computing and so the ECC team were fairly confident at programming as opposed to other schools who had never used Micro:bit before.

The next stage involved students being given ‘Farady Money’ to spend in the Engineering Shop to buy extra kit for their Micro:bit. This included l.e.d. lights, buzzers, crocodile clip wires and stationery. Students were only given 80 ‘Faradays’ each so had to think carefully to make sure they did not over spend! Team ECC bought wires and buzzers so that their epilepsy monitor would sound an alarm. They also bought some fabric and tape so that the device could be worn on the users’ wrist. Help was limited to two student ambassadors and if teams requested too much help they were charged…in Faradays of course! The teams were given time to modify their designs and the day ended with each team pitching their design to the IET panel with a presentation and demonstration. The teachers, who were also allowed to participate, but not compete, presented their ides too!

The ECC design and product was by far the most innovative but unfortunately their pitch let them down. Happily, nobody went home downhearted as they were all given goody packs including pens, stickers and a Bosch water bottle. It was a great day out which encouraged students to think about engineering and technology and it was good to see Exmouth Community College leading the Micro:bit programming.

Are you interested in being a coder of the future?

Visit and get coding!

ECC Students Ahead of the Programming Race at the IET Faraday Challenge Day

County & East Devon Champions!

Double Winners in Thrilling Style!!

The Year 10 football team have finished the season in style with two cup final victories. The Devon Cup was the first to be contested against an excellent Torquay Boys Grammar School. Exmouth struggled to get to grips with the game in the first twenty minutes finding themselves 2-0 down. An individual strike from Jack Sparkes reduced the deficit to 2-1 with 10 minutes till half time. Torquay broke away and were awarded a penalty which was scored to leave Exmouth trailing 3-1 at half time. After a tactical change to 4-3-3 Exmouth began the second half on the front foot with Adam Wilkinson, Will Dean and Sam Balbi controlling the game in midfield. Three very quick goals including two penalties put Exmouth 4-3 with Jack Sparkes a constant menace to the back four of Torquay. With ten minutes remaining Torquay scored from a neat finish to even the scores at 4-4. The game looked like it was

heading to extra time until a dramatic finish: Sparkes scored from a magnificent strike with seconds to go, only for Torquay to score from a corner with the last kick of the game!! At 5-5 extra time was a tense affair with very few chances, with both sets of players tiring, Will Dean floated a ball over the back four to allow Sparkes to lob the goalkeeper from 25 yards and secure a wonderful victory.

The squad completed their double with a 11-3 victory over KIngs in the East Devon Cup.

Mr Taylor would like to congratulate the boys on their attitude and performance which has been superb all season. The whole squad have contributed throughout the cup runs, with many players having to play out of position in the quarter and semi finals.
The team have now won the County Cup three times in four years and Exeter and East Devon each year since they joined the  College.

SING! College Senior Choir featured on BBC Spotlight!

SING were filmed by the BBC at the Devon County Show and the performance was broadcast as a feature tailpiece on BBC Spotlight. Congratulations to all involved.  More pictures and story soon.  SING will be performing at various shows this summer. See advertisements on the right of this page

Year 7 & 8 Cyclists to Represent East Devon.

On Thursday a team of Year 7 and 8 boys and girls tied first place with Kings School in the British Cycling Team Pursuit event at King's School.

These students will now represent East Devon in the Devon Schools Summer Games finals taking place in Exeter at the end of June.

Tijana Lis is star rider!

All riders rode extremely hard over four races with a special mention for Tijana Lis from Year 7 who rode for the Year 8 team and helped them to four straight victories.

Under 13 Cricketers to represent Devon at the South West Finals.

The college under 13's will head to Bristol early in July to compete at the South West Cricket championships. The boys put in a polished performance against nine other schools to reach the finals alongside KIngs. The team should be extremely proud of their achievements and with the national finals to be played at Lords there is still plenty to play for!! Mr Taylor would like to thank the boys for their excellent commitment and attitude which contributed to a superb performance.

Alice Parker a “natural” cyclist!

On Monday 6th June 15 Year 7 and 8 students experienced the thrills (and spills) of track racing at the Newport Velodrome. Students described the experience as "amazing" and had a fantastic time. Alice Parker in Year 7 particularly impressed, being described by the coach as a "natural."

Ms. Reid, Head of Classics, said: "It is always a pleasure to celebrate the end of the academic year by marking the achievements of Exmouth's Classicists. Year 11 will be greatly missed and I wish them all the luck in the world as they embark on their future studies; well done everyone! I am also very excited to be meeting our Classicists of the future later this term.”

Valete, Anne XI ... Et Bona Fortuna!

Classicists Summer activities

Every summer, Exmouth's Classicists are rewarded for their hard work and dedication to the subject. The summer term provides our students of Latin, Classical Greek and Ancient History with the opportunity to get creative with the ancient world and bring their lessons to life.

Over the coming weeks, students will be participating in a Roman Market Day (Year 7); Classical Drama Day (Year 8); Festival of the goddess Flora (Year 9) and a trip to Rome and Sorrento (Years 10-13). Future Classicists who will be joining us in September will also be here ... arranging the assassination of Julius Caesar!

On Friday 17th July seven Year 9 students travelled to Clyst Vale Community College to participate in the annual Carnegie awards. The Carnegie Medal is awarded annually to the best book for children and young adults published in the previous year.  Each year schools are invited to shadow the judging process. Secondary schools in Central and East Devon come together to do a presentation on one of the books on the shortlist. All the participating schools then vote for their favourite presentation.

This year, Exmouth Community College championed "The Lie Tree" by Frances Hardinge. The participating students worked really hard, giving up lunchtimes and coming in after school to

Exmouth Students Give Best Carnegie Book Award Presentation in Central and Mid Devon

rehearse their presentation. All their hard work definitely paid off, as they performed brilliantly and were voted the winners by all the other participating schools.  Our thanks to all the staff who made this possible and congratulations to the students!

Investor in Careers Award

Investor in Careers is a quality standard for the management of careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) and is now the most widely used quality award of its kind recognised nationally.  As a College we have decided to work towards achieving this award in recognition of the excellent Careers Information, Advice and Guidance already established in the College. 

Working towards the award will help to enhance and develop this important aspect of the students’ education at a time when careers guidance has never been so important to young people. Good careers education will also assist in creating relevance in the curriculum to life beyond school and into the world of work and further study or training.

In order to gain the award a portfolio of evidence will need to be collated and this will then be examined by the assessors, who will also be talking to students and members of staff.  They will make a professional judgement as to whether the evidence meets the criteria needed for the award.

If you would like any further information on the award visit or contact  Jenna Westcott-Wolstenholme – Head of Careers

The Junior Girls Track and Field team finished in a superb 2nd place at the Regional B Final of the Track and Field Cup held at Exeter Arena . They just missed out on winning by 3 points and improved their team total by a staggering 15 points to score 320. It's now a waiting game to see if they have scored enough to secure a place in the National Final to be held in Bedford at the end of the month.
Rebecca Squires, Esme Kilburn-Thompson, Isobel Farrant-Worth, Naomi Moyle, Saphira Myrie, Emily Bowden, Lily Allen, Chelsea Bray, Rachel Hooper, Zoe Spillings, Danielle Preece, Charris Smith, Chloe Hill, Liberty Bund.

A "Sizzling"performance on a “hot” day of competition!!

Sports Days

Despite the threat of poor weather we have just had some fantastic Sports Days. Pictured below are students from Year 7 taking part in their first Sports Day at the College. The gallery features Yr 8 students.  All students behaved well and engaged with the activities.

Congratulations to the Sports Staff and their Post 16 helpers for organising such good  days.

Pictures by Alex Walton and Simon Horn,  Archant. See the next Exmouth Journal for more pictures and to purchase

Trophy Treats for Students

Exmouth Community College were lucky to welcome two of the most important rugby trophies to the College.  With Mr Lowes links to the RFU we were able to have the Six Nations Trophy and the Triple Crown Trophy (which England won this year) at the College. Bob Armstrong from the RFU delivered the trophies to Mr Alexander's office and a lucky selection of students and staff were able to have photos taken with the two trophies.  An amazing experience for students and staff and a big thank you to Bob Armstrong and the RFU.

Sports Awards

The sports awards took place on Wednesday 22 of June celebrating the superb sportsmen and women at the College.

All of the awards were presented by local or national sports celebrities including Jo Louis, Gareth Steenson, Vernon Samuels, Sean Devine, and many more.  It was a fantastiic eveing which included a trampoline demonstration by our students and two sports videos illustrating the sport that takes place at the College.  Mr Thompson hosted the evening: his last of Head of Sport before Mr Lowe takes on that role in September.

The winners were :

American Football
Luke Lambrechts
Smauel Gooding
Alysha Townsend
Luke Davies
Jack Sparkes
Anya Kilburn-Thompson
Jasmine Beal
Ethan Langson-Justice
Oliver Toomey
Josie Culliford
Team of the Year
Yr 10 Football Team
KS3 Outstanding Performer
Esme Kilburn-Thompson Naomi Moyle  Ethan Slater
KS3 Outstanding Effort
Abigail Hoppins  
Vinnie Neath-Rogers
KS4 Outstanding Performer
Samuel Hayes              
Anya Kilburn-Thompson
Harry Ottaway  
Morgan Wright
KS4 Outstanding Effort
Hayden Boatman
Jordan Capey
Topaga-Leigh Tarry
Post 16 College Award
Danielle Divine
Leah Jackson
Matthew Smith

Excellence Outside the Curriculum and A Young Leadership Award were also presented to two groups of young people.

The gallery above includes a range of winners.

Post 16 Textile Students Exhibit their Work

The designers of tomorrow are exbiting their work today in the entrance hall of the Telfer Building.  There are some delicate, challenging and beautiful creations to be seen together with the students original drawings and references to their inspiration. Brilliant!

The work will also be exhibited at A La Ronde

A Level Art &

Photography Exhibition

The Annual A level Art Exhibition is now on at the Telfer Building on the Gipsy Lane Site.  This is a free public exhibition open during normal working hours.

The artwork ranges through a number of mediums and there is plenty to engage the viewer.  The photograhy work gets more sophisticated each year and should not be missed.

On Tuesday, 27 students enjoyed a brilliant day cycling the Exe Trail to Dart's Farm and back. As well as enjoying a great day out, the students raised £95 for the World Bicycle Relief charity. This will be enough to buy a child in Africa a Buffalo bike to enable them to attend school and receive a life changing education. If you would like to see these amazing bikes and learn more about this brilliant charity then take a look at the world bicycle relief site.

Visiting Author, Tanya Landman, Gives Year 9 Students Guidance on Creative Writing

Successful author, Tanya Landman, engaged year 9 students attention as she spoke with energy and interest about the the process of creative writing.  She went through her own writing process and how and where she found inspiration for her work.  This gave students a set of tools which they could take back to the classroom and apply to their own creative work. Which will help their development as young writers.

It's that time of year again! Every summer, Exmouth's Year 7 Classicists celebrate their hard work and achievement by creating a Roman Market, designing costumes, setting-up stalls and even working out their Latin sales patter. This year, the children were particularly inventive and stalls included fortune-telling, Roman weaponry, authentic foodstuffs and ancient medicines. Ms. Reid, Head of Classics, said "the children all worked incredibly hard and came up with some excellent ideas. Once again, Exmouth's Classicists have outdone themselves - Bene Facto, Year 7!"

Year 7 Roman Market Day

Last night saw the annual Community Cadet Pass out parade take place at the Exmouth Fire Station.

The Community Cadets is a year long scheme where students get to work with the Fire and Police services to understand their roles and responsibilities within the community. The cadets meet each Tuesday for 2 hours and over the year have gained an ASDAN qualification. As they are Community Cadets they also have supported community activities such as the Fire Service carol concert and Teddy bear drop both held at  Exeter Cathedral, the Somme commemoration, the Careers fair and many more.

During the pass out parade guests witnessed a arson attack on a home, the cadets quickly set up a road diversion to keep the public safe, arrested, searched and interviewed a suspect as well as putting out the fire and entering the smoke filled building wearing breathing apparatus to rescue and administer first aid to the casualties.  

From start to finish the demonstration was a truly remarkable achievement- watching young people perform such important duties and working so closely as a team to achieve their goal.

The event was attended by the Deputy Mayor ,  Chief Fire Officer -Lee Howell,  by parents and relatives, Mr Turner ,  staff from the college as well as the many members of the fire and police who have made the scheme such a success.

Each student received a certificate and special notice should be given to Finn Crowther  who won the ‘Most Improved Cadet’ award and also Sophie Beacon for the ‘Best Cadet’ award.

The college would like to thank everyone involved in the programme:

The Town Council for their continued support.

The Fire and Police teams for producing such an interesting and challenging programme.

Mrs Westcott- Wolstenholme and Mrs Clements for their support in the recruitment, organisation and weekly running of the scheme and finally.....    the cadets for making us immensely proud!

College Cadets Pass Out Parade

Raptors impress BAFCA’s 2016 Coach-of-the-Year!

College American Football: Raptors

On Saturday July 2nd, the Raptors effectively finished their 7th Year taking part in a unique film project to create some teaching resources for the official BAFA ‘Touchdown Football’ schools’ programme and for another ‘top-secret’ project still the subject of a news black-out by Sports England.

To make sure the film clips depicted accurate flag football, BAFA paid for Coach Tony Allen – who worked for the NFL for some 18 years, was Director of Football for NFL Europe, is currently Head Coach of the London Warriors (over-seeing the work of 35 coaches in that successful BAFA Premiership Club) and has just won the British American Football Coaching Association’s ‘Coach of the Year 2016’ (as voted by the members of the coaching association) to act as ‘technical adviser’. A very rare opportunity for any club or programme in the UK to have. The college should feel privileged to have had his services for the day. To further make the resources as authentic looking as possible, BAFA also paid for the Raptors to have proper flag football kit from America.

The students impressed Coach Allen with their technical understanding of the game, their competitive spirit, their superb behavior under unusual conditions and their tremendous sense of humour – in short, they were a fantastic credit to the college! Coach Allen was very impressed with the small astro facility, given it is the only permanently marked 5v5 field in the UK. Watch this space for news on Exmouth Community College’s influence and role in the big news to break!

Two Fabulous Prom Nights!

Post 16

Post 16 students celebrated the end of their courses on Weds 6 July with a glamorous night at Ocean on the seafront overlooking the sea. Fabulous frocks, smart young men and a lot of fun was had by all.  PROM PICTURES: click

Year 11 students had their prom on the following evening at the Pavilion and the crowds enjoyed the usual fantastic array of vehicles and methods of arrival.  Everyone looked “Fabulous Darling” and a great night was had by all. There will be a double page spread in the Exmouth Journal next week from whom photos can be obtained.

Year 11

Photos of Yr 11 Prom courtesy of  Emma Crane

Kite surfer Guy Bridge who is a student at Exmouth Community College - studying Btec Sport - recently became a World Record Holder. Guy was first around the Isle of Wight in a time of 2 hours 32 minutes, averaging speeds of 19.68knts!

Guy now holds a World record for the fastest kite surfer around the Isle of Wight and also the fastest single-handed sailor around the island as well. Mr Lowe, Head of P.E., said, “I am incredibly proud, as is the  whole College of Guy’s amazing achievement. To study full time and train so hard to be an elite sports performer is one thing, but then to do this - unbelievable!”

Student Guy Bridge sets Kite Surfing World Record

Subject Award Art
Isobel Webber
Subject Award Business Studies
Joe Burnett
Subject Award Classics
Madeline Buckley
Subject Award Computing & ICT
Ariadna Bazaga Pozas
Subject Award Dance
Harriet Musgrove
Subject Award Drama
Tom Baker
Subject Award English
Lorainne Adona
Subject Award Geography
Megan Ruffle
Subject Award Health & Care
Phoebe Mitchell
Subject Award History
Michelle Wellington
Subject Award Leisure & Tourism
Aimee Williams
Subject Award Maths
Cameron Jackson
Subject Award Media Studies
Franceska Anderson
Subject Award Modern Languages
Jack Phillips
Subject Award Music
Luke Johnston
Subject Award Religion
Joseph Oates
Subject Award Science
Tom Burrows
Subject Award Sport & Leisure
Anya Kilburn-Thompson
Subject Award Technology
Yana Tushingham
STEM Award
Jacob Congreve
Performing Arts Award
Amy Hill
AnTech Engineering Award
Heather Upton
Jack Skittrall
Bernard & Anne Hughes Citizen Shield
Niamh Scott
Geoff Ingram Award
Shannon Borrowdale
Behaviour & Attitude Awards
Year 7
Oliver Smith
Year 8
Chloe Bevan
Year 9
Serena Dyke
Year 10
Leah Whatmore
Year 11
Harriet Musgrove
William Henderson   
Lavinia De Saram
Lottie Watkins
Epraise College Cup
Ines Flores-Mateu
Head of Year Awards
Year 7
Sarah Reynolds
Year 8
Erin Jukes
Year 9
Theo Burne
Year 10
Megan Qualter
Year 11
Samuel Haynes
Key Stage 3 Service Award
Joshua Cressall
Key Stage 3 Prize
Cameron Conn
Key Stage 4 Service Award
Tom Nicholas
Key Stage 4 Prize
Aimee Williams
Premier Cup Winner
Molly Seymour

Premier Awards 2016

Awards are presented to our students throughout the year because we believe in a culture which rewards those who deserve recognition as a result of effort, achievement, good attendance and service.  Although we expect everyone to work hard and contribute what they can to the College and community, we also want to recognise and reward the achievements and effort of our students. The annual programme of awards presentations begins with staff looking back over the course of the academic year considering those students who, through their work, service, and attitude stand out as worthy of a top award. During the last year over 9000 certificates have been issued against epraise points awarded to students. These two factors lead to the final winners—after, it must be said, some serious discussion.  The first awards are presented to students at their full year group assemblies which have recently been taking place. These assemblies are an opportunity to present awards and review the achievements of the year. Before these assemblies take place, senior staff consider all the nominations and select the students who will be invited to attend the Premier Awards Evening.  

To win a Premier Awards is recognition of a student’s effort, progress or some special quality which sets them aside from the other well deserving students.

Gallery of Awards Pictures

Premier Awards

New Building Formally Handed Over To College

The new teaching block of 8 superb classrooms and associated offices were formally handed over to the College by the contractors in July who are pictured with Mr Alexander, Principal, and Mrs Dearsley, Finance and Resources manager.

Mathematics will be taught in the new block which is wonderfully appointed with views across the parkland. A second, adjoining block, will be built in the near future.

Summer 2016

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