Exmouth Community College’s mission is to provide a positive, enjoyable and structured approach to learning, where success is rewarded and students’ individual aptitudes are given the chance to develop. We offer a safe, secure, non-threatening environment in which students develop consideration for others, self-discipline and positive relationships. We aim to provide a thorough education which prepares students for their future.   

All students at the College have the opportunity to achieve their best.  I am proud of the professionalism of my staff and the support and guidance we give to students of all abilities and aptitudes. Our curriculum is broad and challenging. Ofsted have described the College as a good and harmonious school where standards of behaviour are exemplary and students’ achievement is good. Students with special needs and disabilities do very well here.

The College is an exciting and stimulating place where Sport, Music, the Classics and Art thrive. Ofsted have rated our P.E. Dept and Curriculum as outstanding.

Our examination results are good and we set high targets for ourselves and our students.

In addition the  College provides opportunities beyond the classroom in sport, the arts, adventure, travel and more: everything from Rocket Clubs to American Football; from Public Speaking to a range of visiting authors and speakers.

I am proud to say we teach Classics at the College and that our very popular Post 16 (sixth form) courses get better results year on year.

Choosing Exmouth for September 2017

If you are considering the College for year 7 then consult our Information and Parent pages. To get a feel for the College visit the recent news pages, read our Linx magazine (available from Home page) or give us a call and arrange a tour of the College on a working day.  Our College Prospectus is available online and the College Guide will give you a clear idea of how the College works.  For information for parents & carers consult our College Guide.  Detailed information, data and policies may be found on the Information and Key Information pages

Choosing Post 16 for courses commencing September 2017

Ofsted rated our sixth form (Post 16 provision) as good. Many students who become Post 16 students at Exmouth do better than expected due to the close and caring support which students receive from our very experienced team which leads to great success for a comprehensive intake. (See examination Results)

The Post 16 Prospectus is available  online. We welcome students who have not previously attended the College.

The College is an exciting and dynamic place where staff and students work hard and do well.

Principal’s Welcome

AK Alexander


“Under the inspirational leadership of the Principal... senior and other leaders have an accurate view of the college strengths and priorities for development... helping them improve teaching and increase students’ achievement”  Ofsted