Exmouth Community College is a fully comprehensive academy. We provide a first class education and a broad and exciting range of extended opportunities for our students.  We are proud of our work in creative and performing arts. We are a Fairtrade School and a Specialist School in Maths & Computing. Our curriculum, transition arrangements and sport are all outstanding.(Ofsted)  We are committed to good behaviour, appearance and hard work and reward this through our awards system which encourages achievement for all.

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May Half Term  Revision

Yrs 10/11/12/13

Tues 31st May & Weds 1st June

09:00 to 12:30

£2.50 per day tuition fee

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Students must complete a Booking Form which can be collected from the KS4 Office or downloaded here.

Forms & money to Accounts by 3.00pm Monday 23rd May

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Revision Guide Half Term Revision 2016 - Booking Form.pdf

The college took early advantage of the micro:bit initiative and since October in anticipation of the arrival of micro:bit hardware much of the Computing & ICT curriculum in Key Stage 3 has been based around it.

The Micro:bit initiative is the brainchild of the BBC working with a number of leading organisations such as Microsoft and the University of Lancaster. They want to recapture the influence that their BBC B computer had in educating pupils in the 1980’s. To do this they have provided extensive and well thought out resources that are freely available on the Internet. The BBC have also pledged to give every current year 7 pupil a micro:bit computer of their own to take home and use creatively, Their hope is that this will stimulate learning to fill the widening shortage in digital skills in this country.  Micro:bits are computers that have a lot of features, such as a compass and motion detector, all packed onto a small circuit board slightly smaller than a credit card.

Micro:bits are coming to Exmouth Community College!

They are backed up by wealth of on-line support materials such translator tools to program the on-board computer, learning ideas, videos and interactive tutorials.

It is clear that the BBC have started a hugely ambitious and impressive project which is already proving to be a very effective aid in helping our teachers to address some of the more challenging aspects when teaching the new national curriculum in Computing. The small quantity micro:bits that the BBC have given the school in advance have generated a lot of interest and excitement and the pupils can’t wait to get their hands on one of their own when the BBC deliver on their pledge.

It is well worth finding out more about micro:bits: just click

Careers Fair a Hit with the Crowds and the Exhibitors.

What a fantastic evening it was to explore your options for the future! Over  sixty exhibitors/advisors attended the biannual Careers Fair which was well attended by students, parents, local residents and also students from nearby colleges and schools.

The Careers Dept. would like to thank all the exhibitors who took the time to come and meet with the students and for answering the hundreds of questions which continued unabated throughout the event!

The fair boasted a range of stands advising on careers as diverse as the military, further education, apprenticeships, degree courses (10 universities attended), employment with local and national companies - and companies in growth areas.

A particular highlight of the night (for everyone – including the staff!) was to try your hand at weather presenting with the Met Office!

If anyone would like further assistance following the Careers Fair then please call into the Careers office. Our thanks go to  Mrs Westcott-Wolstenholme and Mrs Jacobs who did a wonderful job organising this valuable event for our students and the community.                                               Pictures to be posted soon

Mrs Oaks-Ash has been impressed by the attitude and application of her Post 16 Biology class who are shown setting up an experiment to test the effect of spices on bacteria.

Impressive Biology Students

Fantastic Lunchtime Concert

Chloe Brooks-Herbert and friends presented short concert during the lunch break on 22 April.  The standard of performance was quite superb and the audience in the packed hall were totally engaged with the songs.   The concert was free but Chloe asked for donations in aid of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Fantastic.

Year 7 Maths Students Face Post 16 Business Dragons!

Year 7 Mathematics students presented their entrepreneurial ideas to create and sell mathematics related products to year 13 Business students.  Each group presented their ideas with diagrams and drawings with special reference to how the product would help the user develop their mathematical skills.  Year 13 Business Students and Head of Business, Mr Wagner, played the role of Dragons in the Den, giving feedback on each idea presented.

Mrs Boswell’s students (7LAW) have been writing to their French counterparts in Talence, near Bordeaux, France. Some of their work can be seen displayed behind the class picture. As well as exchanging gifts at Christmas, the class has sent information about Exmouth: the students are learning to talk about where they live, in French. A former student from Exmouth, Aaron Sansom, has helped set up the link.

Communicating with real people who speak another language helps develop language skills and makes the lessons have a context in which to place learning.

Students Have French Pen Pals

Features Artwork BY 
Exmouth Community College students
SATURDAY May 7 Sea Fest.pdf